We love to use Resurrection Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans to tell the Easter Story
Credit: Cute Country Clipart by Trina and Friends

Using Easter Eggs and Jelly Beans To Teach Lent and Easter Truths for Kids

It's the middle of Lent, with Easter quickly approaching - too quickly for some of us. The kids are getting excited and it's a fun opportunity for creative activities for families to prepare for Easter, while learning more about the true meaning behind this holiday.

My grandkids and I have enjoyed a few different Lent and Easter ideas for the kids this year and I wanted to share a couple of them with you:

1. Resurrection Easter Eggs - this has been a favorite activity in my home since my children were young and I've enjoyed continuing this tradition with my grandchildren. I bought a Resurrection Easter Eggs set from a Christian store. It has 12 plastic eggs inside the box. Each egg has one little trinket inside it. Each trinket represents a different part of the Christian story of Lent and Easter.  We hide the eggs and the kids enjoy looking for them. Once all have been found, we gather together on the couch and they take turns opening them. As they discover the different little toys, I explain what each one means. When we reach the final egg, it's EMPTY. Because, as my grandkids love to proclaim quite loudly, "JESUS IS ALIVE!" It's a fun activity to help cement the important parts of the story - from Palm Sunday through the Last Supper to the crucifixion, and finally, the Resurrection - into their hearts and minds.

2. Jelly Beans and Easter Baskets - my grandkids had a fun time at school putting together a cute foamy craft kit with pictures of jelly beans in different colors to represent the different parts of the Easter story. I wasn't able to find the craft kit online, but realized it was very similar to a cute kids' Easter book we've loved for years, My Easter Basket by Mary Manz Simon. How fun to buy jelly beans in the same colors mentioned in the book, put one of each color into plastic Easter eggs, and hide them. Once the kids have found all the eggs, gather together to read the book, holding up the right colored jelly bean for each page in the book. And yummy - then they get to eat the jelly bean before reading on. 

I love using Lent and Easter eggs for kids to teach them about Jesus. Both of these projects are fun, interesting, and easy Lent and Easter crafts and activities for all ages from young kids to those of us who are seniors, and engage different senses for the children - reading, hearing, touching, and in the case of the jelly beans - eating. That makes these a multi-dimensional way of teaching children and grandchildren the true meaning and story of Easter. They'll be blessed and so will you!