Leos love nothing better than the world and all its possibilities and as a result, when the lion is in a relationship, they fully intend to show their partner all the luxuries of life. The Leo may be boastful and arrogant at times, but you will find that when he is truly in love, he can be extremely affectionate and supportive. He is great at expressing his feelings and displaying grand gestures of romance. One of the things which are known about Leo is that he has a fine taste for comfort, pleasure and luxury, and although he is not shallow at heart, he sometimes has shallow tendencies such as excessively focusing on appearance or talent of either himself or his partner.

As we take a closer look at Leo the Lion, we realize that this sign needs constant compliments coming at him  in order to keep his upbeat nature and may sometimes pry these from their partner, so if you are in love with a Leo, be prepared to express it verbally along with how amazing he is. The compliments they receive tend to be directly proportionate to how secure they feel and the more secure and appreciated they feel in the relationship, the more they are willing to give.

Leo the lion is a risk taker at heart so if you’re with a lion, be prepared for a wild thrill. They are highly optimistic and bring this to their relationships, thinking that each one will work out. While they don’t have a commitment phobia and do end up marrying, most Leos actually end up in a few marriages due to do his high expectations of himself and his partner and his love for adventure and seeking new experiences (and people). Leos are also apt to focus on their own accomplishments, feelings and appearance and do not readily pick up that his partner might be unhappy. As a result of this, Leo is usually the last one to know about his own breakup.

Leos are predominantly drawn to optimistic and outgoing people such as themselves so a match with a negative signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) does not usually work out very well. As Leos love to rule, anyone who threatens or outright fights them for the position to be in charge (in a relationship or anywhere else) will not end up on Leo’s good side. Their mate is expected to allow him to take the reins and be supportive of his actions. Leo needs someone who is strong and independent on their own but is also willing to stand back and let him shine.

The love of Leo is like a fire and will warm your heart, but care must be taken to not let the fire get out of hand or everything will get seriously burned.