A Leopard Gecko is a wonderful looking creature, that is fast becoming a very popular reptile for pet lovers all over the world. Due to its small size, they only require a small cage to live in. But remember the more space available to your pet reptiles the better. I would suggest that you do not buy an enclosure or cage below 10 gallons in size. Probably the most popular size of enclosure for leopard gecko pet owners is a 20 gallon rectangular aquarium. Which you can quickly and easily pick up from your local pet store.

Leopard Gecko CagesLeopard Geckos can live long lives if properly cared for and can live for as long as 20 years. But this reptile is easily stressed, which can lead to illness and a much shorter live span. One of the biggest causes of stress is the size of a Leopard Gecko's living space, too little space can stress them out, as well as too much space.

It will also be a good idea to try to replicate the reptiles natural living environment as close as you can. Leopard Geckos like to live on rocks, so try to place a few good size rocks in the cage as well as a few branches that they can climb on. If you are planning on using sand as a subtrate, you will need to be very careful, especially with younger geckos. Not all sand subtrates on the market are gecko friendly, especially loose subtrates such as play sand, wood shavings and potting soil.

You will also need to regulate the temperature inside leopard gecko cages using a themostatic heater. It will also be a good idea to have a large display temperature thermometer on the side of the cage. So that you can quickly and easily monitor the temperature within the cage at all times.

This type of reptile is nocturnal, which means it does not require UV rays to keep it healthy, so lighting is an added extra should you choose to have it. So it go's without saying that you should ever place your leopard gecko cages in direct sunlight. If you are a bargain hunter on a limited budget, then buying from the Internet is going to be your cheapest option. Also there are lots of second hand bargains to be had at internet websites such as Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. Another popular way to get your hands on cheap leopard gecko cages is by making your own, with the Internet being full of videos and plans showing you exactly how to make your own cages and enclosures using cheap materials that you can pick up cheaply at your local hardware store.