Low Cost Leopard Print Shoes for Work and Casual Wear

Feisty, feline-inspired leopard print shoes are the latest in trend in fashion, with the funky animal print one of the hottest trends in footwear.  The beautiful, exotic, wild cat has long captured the hearts and minds of fashionistas, and now the cat's coat is back as the hottest style for the season.  Many of us would love to stay current with the latest and greatest fashion trends, but they can be a little over the top, and often don't mesh with the way we live our lives or like to dress.  As cute as they are, a sexy, strappy, and mile high pair of leopard print stilettos just isn't appropriate for the office, no matter how demure of an outfit you pair them with.

If you want to stay ahead of the fashion curve but just bring yourself to go the whole hog because of your work, personality, or lifestyle, this year’s collections from the big designers are sure to offer an alternative. Rather than just releasing styles for the red carpet and nights out on the town, there are some great leopard print sandals, pumps and down to earth styles which will suit most outfits and occasions.  This year sees some classic faux leopard skin shoes available, with just a leopard print twist, which are perfectly suitable for the office and for day to day wear. If you want to spice up your work wardrobe, one of the classic styles of leopard skin shoes is all you will need.

Not only women love leopard skin, with the leopard itself being rather fond of it. Whilst the 1970’s may have seen the beautiful felines running for cover, in this day and age with the wealth of modern fabrics and materials, it isn’t necessary to have the real thing. These rare and beautiful animals have to deal with illegal poaching as it is, without the shoe industry getting involved.  Fortunately for the leopards, the prints available today are just that. The latest leopard print shoes are typically made out of calfskin, leather or sheepskin.

For the perfect pairing with an office pencil skirt, some of the best leopard print shoes are also some of the cheapest. Forget about Betsey Johnson and go for Steve Madden such as the latest Ultra L Pump, or even Aerosoles have some great styles, which offer the fashion forward style with added comfort fr a full day on the feet.  For the office and daily wear, the classic pump style shoes are perfect, with Steve Madden offering an easy going 2 3/4 inch heel, which is enough to give the legs a shapely silhouette and add style, without being too over the top. These leopard print shoes are an ideal way to add a bit of panache to your work wardrobe, while still being presentable and in keeping with most office dress codes.

If, however, you are looking for a something a bit more comfortable or versatile, consider a pair of Sam Edelman's leopard print Carmen flats.  These are sturdy and well designed ballerina inspired flats with a light leopard pattern.  Sam Edelman is known for designing shoes that are of the highest quality, but most importantly, are also comfortable.  The Edelman collection of leopard print shoes are perfect for wearing with any business suit or skirt to add something extra to work clothing, and look great with a pair of skinny jeans or Capri pants for casual wear, offering excellent versatility. Of course if you really want to create a great look, which is just as well suited for summer and winter, then there is a great selection of leopard print boots from all of the big name designers