Breath Right For Less Stress!

In today's society, one hears an alarming number of people who daily experience stress. In some cases, only occasional stress, but in many cases it is a more of a chronic problem.

To get rid of stress, it is obviously important to get take care of the things in your life that create stress. But unfortunately it is rarely as simple as that, as there are often things we have no control over. Concerns about money, relationship, money or whatever.

A good tip to reduce occasional stress can be to breathe in a special way. There is no complicated advanced technique to learn and something everyone can do at home on the couch or in your bed. A positive effect of stress reduction is that what you were stressed out over before becomes easier to grasp, which may mean that you have fewer things to be stressed about.

Instructions to Reduce stress by breathing:

Lie comfortably on your back in the sofa, bed or on the floor.
Dash out the body so it is like a dash, with arms slightly in towards the body.
    Close your eyes.
    Take a deep breath through your nose and let the air fill your stomach so it bulges out properly.
Allow air to slowly go out through your mouth (about 5 seconds of expiration).
Lie still, without breathing until the body naturally shows that it wants to breathe.


The first few times you use the breathing technique, it can feel strained, but the more you use it, the faster your body will go into a relaxed state.

Repeat this process for a few minutes to feel the impact. It is surprising how quickly the results come and the simplicity of the exercise so that all can use it.

Many suffer from sleep problems caused by stress, hopefully you can reduce your sleep problems with proper breathing by doing this simple exercise before you go to sleep.