Tortoise and the hare

This cartoon has been around for a very long time and while a very entertaining thing to watch, there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from a simple yet effective cartoon. This article is going to talk about them and how we can improve our lives and become more effective in the things we set out hands to simply by watching this and learning about ourselves.

Slow and steady wins the race

The cartoon is really well done with showing how the tortoise consistently runs the race even though in a one on one he is definitely much slower than the hare. The difference is he sticks to continually running while the hare plays tricks, messes around, and gets distracted. This is symbolic of things that happen in our lives today. We could be starting a race and setting out to accomplish a goal but instead of trying to make giant leaps in our goals we should instead be consistent and take one step at a time. If you look at two businesses where one was consistent in growing and expanding while the other one grew tremendously in one shot and had ups and downs, the business that was consistent was healthy and able to maintain its standing while the volatile one that had massive success then plummeted because management and staff were ill prepared. Take away from this cartoon that when you set out to achieve a goal you can't expect to instantly jump into success because you may not be prepared for that. Instead take one step at a time and gradually accomplish and grow in what you set your hand to.

Easy distractions

See how the hare easily got distracted by the cute little girl bunnies? He spent so much time showing off for them that it ended up costing him the whole race! He got cocky and figured he already won so he just messed around and showed off and while the girls were entertained they did mention to him that the tortoise had the lead. He simply didn't heed their warnings and went on being the show off he was. This is very symbolic of what we encounter in our world today. People set out to do something like learn the guitar, or start a business, or write for Infobarrel, or take care of work or homework only to get distracted by things in our lives. The internet is notorious for being a distraction for anyone looking to accomplish a workload on their table, just like being social and going out instead of staying in and taking care of what needs to be done. If we set out strong and have a huge passion for something, we can't expect that desire to maintain its intensity. The newness feeling always wears off and what you have left is what you go on, so if you get easily distracted by something else that looks good then you will never succeed.DistractedCredit: Wikimedia commons

I take this lesson to heart with writing here at Infobarrel. I started off strong with over 100 articles in the first month writing here and was able to reach my goal very easily. Now that they newness of writing here is over that feeling has worn off and I can say that the temptation is there to not want to write for a day or two and do something else. Instead of getting distracted by other things though, I'm consistently putting myself in front of the computer to write because I have the passion and zeal to pursue something I love. Other people may easily get distracted, lose sight of the goal they set forth, and then suddenly they are completely out of the race like the hare. I'll get back to it later is exactly what the hare said when the girl bunnies talked to him about the tortoise having the lead. Be consistent and always push forward, don't leap but instead walk!

Right attitude

The hare in this cartoon had a very cocky and showy attitude towards the tortoise while the tortoise was very polite and never said anything bad to the hare. Our attitude in life shouldn't be how great we are, but instead how we can help others and bless others. Have you ever experienced the sheer joy of watching someone else light up with a smile and get so excited when they opened their Christmas gift or birthday present you gave them? You can't compare that feeling to when you open your own gift. There is something wonderful about seeing others blessed by what you have done instead of what you can get. Don't be like the hare and be all about yourself and show off how great you are, but instead be respectful towards others and this will lead to much future success down the road. If you were the tortoise and your co-worker was the hare and both of you were setting out for the promotion of manager, who would the leaving manager choose? The cocky showoff or the respectful consistent worker? The answer is clear, having the right attitude will cause others to notice you and promotion and increase are just around the corner if you will just have the right attitude!

So many lessons

This cartoon is just for fun, but the amount of lessons we can draw from it and practically apply it to our lives is simply astounding. I believe that even though this was just a fun cartoon for the people creating it to make, they also wanted to instill some important values to those who watched it. Always take things you watch and look for something more than just face value. You would be surprised how many lessons we can take away from movies and shows today if we'd just watch like we did here with this simple and quick cartoon. Stay the course and take one step at a time instead of trying to rocket to your end goal and you will be successful in all of your endeavors.