I learned a lot of lessons throughout my first year of high school. I learned some lessons that I wished never had to and some that were incredibly necessary. Unfortunately, that line crosses several times.

If you're in middle school and reading this to find out what to expect then don't let any of this scare you. While in high school I have had some terrible lows in high school, I've also had some great highs.

If you happen to be an adult, reading this article an reliving your high school days, I hope that you find yourself in agreement with the list. If you have anything else to add, please feel free to in the comments.

Many Friends Are Replacable

This is one of those lessons that you don't want to have to learn about, yet it is vital that you do. Friends are unfortunately easy to replace, and you will find your self being replaced by someone else. It sucks, it really does, but this lesson also has an upside. If you find that your friends have abandoned you, it's not hard at all to find new ones. It will take you a while to find a group of friends who you want to stick with, you might not even find them this year but you will eventually.

You're Not the Top Dog

In eighth grade, you were the top of the food chain. Everyone looked up to you and you ruled the school (well, at least in your mind you did). Here, you're at the very bottom. You went from being the big fish in a small pond to being the small fish in a big pond. One word of advice, don't try to challenge someone who is older than you. The odds are not in your favor.

Getting Involved is Fun

For some reason, a lot of freshman seem to think that getting involved with school activities is lame. Getting involved is actually a lot of fun. It's the most fun when the entire school gets involved. Probably one of my fondest memories of freshman year is at a basketball game. My school has a huge rivalry with another school. When the basketball game between the two started coming up, the two schools got in a huge competition. The loser would have to hang up the opposing schools banner in the cafeteria for a month. The competition had three parts, best two out of the won. The three parts were; who brought in the most food for a can food drive, who had the most people show up to the game, and who won the basketball game.

My school won the competition but that wasn't the best part. The best part was how into it the entire school got. We had banners, posters, and signs made to be held and hung up at the game. Throughout the entire week everyone dressed up in our school colors, and the day of the game things were explosive. We spent all of drama blowing up balloons, putting face paint on people, and getting prepared for the big game.

Half of my school showed up to the game, our gym was barely big enough to fit all of us. That game will probably be my favorite high school memory.

You Actually Need to Work

In middle school, I was able to pull school of effortlessly. The teachers told you exactly what to write down, what you needed to know, and how to do something. It's not exactly like that in high school. A lot of the times, the teacher will start talking and expect you to take notes on what you think is important. They leave it to you to decided whether or not to write something down. Another thing that I wasn't use to was so much independent research. I was not expecting that I was going to spend so much time outside of school studying something the teacher never taught me.

People Actually Do Act Like That in Real Life

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I would watch a TV show and think that it was just a ridiculous over-dramatization of high school. Now that I'm actually here, I understand that people actually are like that. Yes, cliques are actually real. You will have your group of druggies, of jocks, of cheerleaders, and of nerds.

There is a Class You Will Become Obbsessed With

Hopefully, this is something that you will find in your freshman year. The class that you fall in love with and can't imagine not taking for the rest of your high school career. For me, it's yearbook. My friend fell in love with photography and another friend loves drama.

Some Teachers Are Actually Really Cool

One of my teachers, my drama teacher, never bothered to grow up. She still flirts like she's seventeen, she pulls pranks on the students and staff, and some days she just decides that we're going to play games. It's great, and she's not the only one. Another one of my teachers is so freakishly smart that the school board turns a blind eye to everything he does. I will never forget the first day of school when a this guy walked in my class and my teacher turned to him and said, "You look like an ass, I don't like you."