Are we at peace? Or are we more humane now? Has our civilization prospered? Or has anything altered at all? Time continues to sway away and hours turn into minutes like minutes turn into seconds. The world is in anarchy and bloodshed continues everywhere. Death toll keeps rising as we continue to wonder have we learnt anything from our history. After all the years human being continues to quench his thirst for more power, more wealth and more control. This raises a question whether we have learnt anything from our history? Has anything changed at all?

For some people history might be just a series of past events that occurred in chronology before us. But these events have made a significant effect on the new generations. Our History is full of those people who gave full commitment to their country and led an exemplary life.  They transformed their country to a developed and revolutionized its people.  Mahathir Muhammad changed a small island country Malaysia as the new face of Asia.  Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore into a First world Asian tiger.  Once a disintegrated China is now emerging as the new economic power in the world due to brilliance of Deng Xiaoping. Scientists like Einstein, Newton, Gauss and philosophers like Aristotle and Ghazali will be remembered for a long time for their intelligence and for their wisdom. These people set an example for their successors and showed how bloodshed can be avoided and how dedication and devotion is the key to success.

History is full of lessons and warning for the future generations.  It is said that history repeats itself but it is for only those fools who do not learn anything from their past.  A mighty British empire fell apart when its policy of imperialism was not going to sustain for long time. Soviet Union too collapsed when people demanded more social freedom and turned rebellious against the state.  What have we learnt from two World Wars? What have we learnt from nuclear bombings in Nagasaki and Hiroshima? As a result of it, race of nuclear weapons started between self proclaimed peace lovers. History is full of lessons for those who want to learn. History always teach us that pride hath a fall, what happened with Hitler when his tyranny and oppression peaked new extremes.  Just like the days of Ganges Khan when he used to slaughter every soul to signify his victory. Or Stallin who killed millions who disagreed with his agenda. These events are a reminder of what tragedies human race has befallen and how we should avoid them in any circumstances.

History can be said as the mother of all subjects. It helps us in understanding our past and assessing the blunders that people made in their era. Every era has its own heroes and villains. Reading biographies of the past legends can be a source of motivation for those who wants to accomplish something in future. Those people who do not learn anything from history are doomed to repeat it. An American historian Carl Becker once said "The value of history is, indeed, not scientific but moral: by liberalizing the mind, by deepening the sympathies, by fortifying the will, it enables us to control, not society, but ourselves -- a much more important thing; it prepares us to live more humanely in the present and to meet rather than to foretell the future."