Do you know the cost of building your own business website? A first class domain name will cost $33 a year including GST. The registration timeframe for domain name is  two years.   Additionally, web hosting fee for 1 year will cost up to $100 to support the information and data of the domain name. This means a total of $176 for a basic website .

Do you know that Google, partnered with MYOB Australia Limited, will pay all above cost and offer you a chance to build an online presence with a simple all-in-one web-site package called "Getting Aussie Business Online".

What you need to do is to apply as early as possible before Google reaches the 50,000 business clients target.

I will show you how I got the domain and web host within a few days by following simple steps.

 Step 1

Create a Google Gmail account containing the keyword of your business.

You can manage the new web host by this Gmail account. For example, my business allows people search resume. I choose the keyword as ‘seekcv’. The Gmail I created was

Step 2

 Visit the Australian Business Register website & select the "Apply for Australian Business Number (ABN)" as sole trader.

The ABN is an 11-digit number used by Australian Taxation Office.

Step 3

Fill in the business details form from to create your site in 15 minutes (you’ll need your ABN number and phone number). You will receive an email with subject “congratulation on your new website”. Your temporary web site will be available immediately as The name of this website is not editable by you.

Step 4

Register a website address or URL for free by clicking on the login button next to “Power by MYOB Atlas (@2011)” on the footer section of

Please be aware that once you choose your free domain name, you are not able to change it unless you buy another domain name on your own cost.

You don’t have to register this immediately. I suggest you spend one or two days for proper keyword research and prepare a list of available domain names first.

 A new domain will be available online within 24 hours after you finish all registration process.

It took another on week for Google to find and index the new website.

 In my case, I found that, and were available. I finally chose the to match up my primary business web site

Step 5

Google AdWords trial voucher code is available when you click the top navigation bar "be found by Google" after you login.

Check expiry date of your Google AdWords trial voucher, upload content of the new website as soon as possible so you can use the Google offer before expiry day. 

In my case, I created the web site on 1st April 2011, the voucher expiry day is 15th May 2011. The voucher gives you $75 dollar credit for Google keyword campaign.

Google Adword Free Trial for $75 Dollar

Step 6

Tell the world is a social media plug-in provided by this web hosting package to send information from your web site to other web sites  automatically.  This is one of the most important free steps to attract customers to your business.

Tell the world by social media plug-in about your new web site

There are some disadvantages of this free deal:

  1. Business owner cannot manage domain information such as URL forwarding. The free domain name can be hosted by MYOB Atlas only the first year.
  2. You can’t change the layout, design and color theme so your web site looks similar with other web site created under this promotion package. 


From a business perspective, it's still a good solution for Australian business owner as the low-cost and fast way to build a business website.