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Ever parent thinks that hunting is a dangerous sport to let their children participate in. Well I can see your worries. As an experienced hunter, let me assure you that hunter education courses prepare your child for the hunting woods. Your probably thinking does my child know how to handle a firearm? Does he even deserve to take part in this sport? That's what many parents wounder.

bow trainingWhat is a hunter education course and what does it do? Well, it teaches your child safety and protocol associated with hunting various game. When I took the class it taught me how to carry a firearm, how to cross a fence, purpose of the orange vest, and land stewardship. Hunter safety courses also teach your child how to properly hunt the game in season.

A child who completes the course will receive knowledge of:

*The importance of orange vest/hats. This safety clothing is to let other hunters know that your a hunter not a game animal.

*A child learns to properly carry a firearm. More importantly, they will learn to never point an empty or loaded gun at some one. They will be taught to correctly carry a firearm during motion and at rest.

*A future hunter is taught local and state-wide hunting regulations. These hunting laws pertain to,game limits, season duration, firearm regulation, and licensing and tag issues.

*A child will learn to hunt responsibly and ethically during the hunter education course.

girls huntA hunter education course is not only for children Anyone interested in conservation,or who has a love for the great outdoors should take the class. The class can be a great refresher for veteran hunters, as well. Hunter ED courses are taught at several locations across a state. Contacting your child's school, or local conservation department will give you information on when classes start in your area. If you or your child can not make it to a local class there are classes for hunter education online.

This course has been proven to reduce the hunting accident rate by 80%. After-all, nothing is more important then making sure a hunter returns home safe. Hunting education courses are more important than teaching a child to be successful in the hunt. These courses teach hunters to be respectful of landowners and private grounds. A future hunter is taught to respect private property, game refuge,and other restricted hunting areas.

These courses are designed for children 14 and up. A child as young as 11, interested in hunting, can be certified in the class. Students who do not have previous hunting experience are encouraged to study the online courses available. A child not certified in a hunter education course can still hunt. Many state's offer a youth or mentor program. Youth under 16 years of age must hunt under adult supervision. An adult can be properly for a mentor license through the state.

ElkAfter completing a minimum of 10 hours of classroom requirements a person is tested on topics covered during the course. If passed you will receive a hunter education certification. Proof of certification is required to get your license, and hunting tags.

Anyone interested in hunting should complete the hunter education course. If you wore born after, January 1,1967 you need to be certified in a hunting course to receive a hunting license. To learn more about the hunting education program and applicable laws in your state contact your local outdoor skills specialist.