Social bookmarking sites are tools Internet users use to rate and share the best online content they come across while surfing the Internet. It can be used to bookmark and tagged anything from images, to news, to videos and is one of those free Internet marketing tools that can be used to promote websites.

Possibly Thousands of Views
The concept started out as a way for web surfers to save references to Internet resources, for easy referencing later. Bookmarks can be easily searched because descriptive words or phrases, known as tags, can be assigned to every bookmark as an indexing feature.

Most booking marking services gives the owner of the bookmark the option to make them private or share them with the public. When made public, the process becomes viral and the entire bookmarking community can participate in the rating process and therefore make good submissions even more popular by giving that content multiple 'thumbs up.' This is why social bookmarking is such a powerful marketing tool because it gives the Internet marketer exposure, without much effort on his part.

Revenue Sharing
It is obvious that social bookmarking sites are hugely popular and therefore generates a lot of revenue for the site owners. Xomba and InfoPirate are two social bookmarking sites that have powerful revenue sharing programs (50% and 80% respectively) on offer to their site's users. You submit bookmarks to these two sites just as you would to Digg or StumbleUpon; the difference is that site members get a percentage of the revenue earned from the Google Ads that are display along side their bookmarks. In order to earn, users of these two sites must submit their Adsense publisher ID to each site, so that their own ads can be displayed.

Xomba and Infopirate also encourage bookmarkers to refer their friends by giving those bookmarkers 10% of the ad impressions on their referral's content/bookmarks.

Spam and corruption
Social bookmarking sites are quite vulnerable to over zealous Internet marketers, who sometimes submit bookmarks to the same content multiple times to increase their search engine rankings and page views. It is for this reason, that some social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, have a bury feature. This feature provides a facility by which spam, sub-standard and poor quality content is downgraded. This somewhat counteracts the work of spammers, but it only works when a large amount of users participate in rating the content.

It is the dream of many Internet entrepreneurs to develop a hugely popular website and in the process make lots of money. It is for this reason that they use the viral nature of social bookmarking to promote their websites. Bookmarking sites are an easy way to discover interesting content on the Internet but with a little effort, they can also become a powerful marketing tool. Sometimes all that is required is a single submission to improve search engine rankings and page views.