Making money online

If you were to ask people today about their financial situation you would get a lot of the same answer. People today feel as if they are living paycheck to paycheck. That is not a place that you want to experience because you want to have some extra money for emergencies, grocery prices that seem to keep going up, gas and even for the occasional night out. Unfortunately even with the knowledge that they are not making enough money, most of the people who feel that way have no idea what to do about it. The good news is that if you have a computer you can make some extra money on the side. All you have to do is to become a little more creative.


There are several people who are very talented at making handcrafts and jewelry, but who are not using that talent to make some money. The great thing about having such talents today is that you have different avenues for making a profit with your handcrafts. You can always sell them in your hometown to people you know and in flea markets and fairs, but you can also use the internet to make you a lot more money. You can get the materials you need for a lower price and you can sell the items online sometimes without paying for a listing fee. You are also making your potential market larger and the more customers you have the more money you will make.

Buy And Sell

Not everything that is sold online is new. Some of the people who are doing great business online do it by buying used things and selling them for a profit. The trick if you want to do this is to have a good eye for recognizing what can actually have a good value. It is a good idea to get familiar with the items that you want to sell so that you can recognize a “diamond in the rough”. Pay attention to details and the shape an item is in because that will influence the price you can get for an item. You should also list the items that you want to sell in different websites like internet classifieds and other sites like eBay and Amazon. If you can create your own website then that can also help a lot.

You can find things to sell in thrift stores, garage sales, private individuals and even the same internet classifieds you will use to sell them. It pays to have a smart phone when purchasing from these places because you will be able to check for similar items, what they are selling for and if it is worth paying the asking price.


Blogging is one of the better ways to make money online for a few reasons. The first benefit is that you can have residual income when you blog whether you do it for your own blog or for a third-party. Another great reason to start blogging is that you do not have to invest any money in it unless you want your own website. You can also choose what to blog about, because you are in charge. The bigger question when blogging is if you should create your own blog or write for someone else.

If you create your own blog on WordPress or Blogger then your blog will be free and you will make every single penny that your blog earns through advertising. You are also free to choose any content that you wish to include on your blog and the way you will communicate with your readers. While that sounds great, there is one big problem with it. The problem is that people will not know about your blog until it starts taking off and that means that you will need to get the word out. It can take a long time for your own blog to start making money.

When you write for a third-party website you get a large part of the money made in advertisement, and you do not have to tell people that the website exists (you should still promote what you write using social media). You can also choose a lot of the topics you would write about in your own blog with a few exceptions. These websites also need good professional writes so you could need a bit of work on your writing skills and to make many edits before the work is published.

Domain Names

Domain names made a few people a lot of money, and there is still some money that people make every day. In order to make money with domain names you need to get the really good names out there. The .com are the best domain names but it is really hard to find the ones that are worth a lot of money because they are already taken. You should not expect to make a lot of money with other types of domain names, though it is a possibility if you find an extremely good one. If you decide to get a few domain names it is a good idea to develop them and put some ads in them. You are also able to park them, but making a good amount of money with parked domains is nearly impossible. Remember to always look for 1 word domain names first.


Finally you can make money freelancing online. There are many companies and individuals who need services but do not want to hire a person in an office because it would become too expensive. Instead they post the work they need done in freelancing websites or internet classifieds and people bid to do the work. You can find freelancing opportunities when you are a writer, translator, designer, customer service representative, handy work etc. Freelancing will not always get you a constant stream of income unless you are really good at what you do and the person or business needs the work on a constant basis.

The money that you make freelancing varies depending on the work you specialize in, and the quality and size of the project required by the company or person. Some people are actually able to make a living with freelancing alone and if you are talented, then you could end up being one of them.