The face is considered one of the most important and treasured parts of the body because this is where all the major senses can be found – the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. In fact, some people cherish their faces so much that they are willing to go under the knife just to improve them. On the other hand, there are also people who do not care if their faces become injured due to certain activities. Some common facial injuries include:

  • Cuts or punctures caused by pointed and sharp objects
  • Fractures (broken jaws, eye sockets, nose, etc.)
  • Bruises due to violent acts
  • Skin infections (rashes, allergies, etc.)
  • Abnormal swelling caused by faulty facial operations

These are just some of the injuries that a person can have due to certain accidents and activities. If you do not want your face to suffer these painful injuries, you better take care of it. Below are some common activities and accidents that cause facial injuries:

  • Fights or violence – Violence is a common cause of facial injuries. If there is enough evidence, the victim can sue the offender for his injuries.
  • Vehicle collisions – A common cause of facial injury in car accidents is the defective deployment of airbags. Broken windshields may also cause cuts to front-seat occupants.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Slippery areas may cause bumps to the head.
  • Sports activities – Physical sporting events like martial arts, basketball, rugby, and soccer can cause terrible facial wounds.
  • Work-related tasks – If a worker was injured because of a work-related activity, he may get compensation from his boss.

If you cannot avoid taking part in these activities, you can at least find a way to protect your face and head. Wearing protective masks is one way to keep your face from injuries, especially if you are engaging in physical activities like basketball and boxing. Once you have suffered a facial injury, it would be difficult for you return to that particular sport or activity. That is why you should be careful.

In case your facial injury was caused by another party (except in sporting events), you have the right to seek compensation from it. If you are located in Los Angeles, you may seek legal assistance from the numerous Los Angeles personal injury attorney around. If you take prompt and proper actions against the responsible party, you will eventually receive reimbursement for your losses.