Eating perfectly is not all about giving and boosting your energy or eliminating various signs of aging. It also includes providing food to improve mental health and activate more neurons to your brain cells. If you have more neurons, you build connections in your brain and it can only mean that you will have a sharper memory and your mind can perform well despite adulthood. Let us find out which healthy snacks can power your creative juices and how it can do so.

Peanut Butter 


The myth has been exposed already that peanut butter isn't good for your health. Studies have shown that like any other types of beans or nuts, peanut butter is good for weight loss and for the brain. Peanuts are loaded with vitamin E which is essential in preventing the weakening in the cognitive system of the brain. Peanut is also known to help stabilize glucose levels which is an important element in the brain system. Bringing peanut butter sandwich as your snack is no longer a guilty pleasure as it helps maintain your mental health. 


Bananas canBananas be considered as one of the most versatile fruit known to man as it is packed with many nutrients that helps prevent different kinds of illnesses and health conditions such as anemia, liver diseases, and brain health. Yes, it is good for the brain and not only as an energy boosting food. According to a study in the United Kingdom, the potassium content in bananas help students become active participants in the learning process. An added bonus is that bananas are sleep inducers too and sleep is one of the most important requirements when it comes to creativity.  

Egg and Cheese SandwichCheese

Not only is this snack the least expensive combo sandwich in your office canteen, it contains two of the most powerful food for the brain. Eggs and cheese are good sources of fatty acids called Omega 3 which is a brain boosting nutrient. It is important to know that eggs are fortified with Omega 3 and is also rich of protein. According to a study conducted among the elderly, senior adults who eat lots of dairy products like eggs and cheese performed better on mental tests than those who never or rarely eat dairy food.

Tuna Sandwich


Another good source of Omega 3 fatty acid and is considered as a super food is a tuna sandwich. It helps boost memory like any other food rich in this type of oil. According to several studies, eating tuna helps fight stress and lift up your mood since this food affects production levels of serotonin, a key ingredient in fighting depression. 



According to studies, berries like blueberrieBlueberriess are loaded with antioxidant properties which improve communication capabilities of brain neurons and thereby preventing damage in motor and cognitive abilities of the person.

So, in order to get your creative juices flowing, you need brain boosting foods as your snacks or even as a full meal.