One day of the month that many of us dread the most is the day our electric bill arrives, especially during summer or winter months when the amount of electrical energy our home consumes is the greatest. Older homes are especially difficult to keep at a “comfortable” level because many have leaks or inferior quality windows.

Whether your home is an older model or brand new there are plenty of things to be done to ensure those high energy bills won’t break your bank account entirely. You can see see details and SOLUTIONS of what all can be done to save electricity HERE.

Save electricity by insulating and replacing where needed

Most homes, no matter how well constructed to start, have leakage issues when it comes to keeping warm air out during the hot summer months and tend to be quite the opposite in chilly winter months by allow in the cold damp air. Heating and cooling bills can be kept under control however if we block off the access to our homes by adding insulation in both attic and walls. Windows are nice to look out of but they are terrible at allowing radiant heat inside in hot months and also making the indoors feel cooler during chilly days and nights in winter time. If replacing windows is out of the question adding foil or even blankets to drafty windows will be a great help in lowering the utility bills. Doors and windows can be made more energy efficient by installing weather stripping.

Saving electricity through alternative energy sources

Make solar energySolar energy can be an excellent alternative to coal, oil, and electricity when it comes to making our homes energy efficient. Bad habits that promote energy usage will only insure we have more utility bills that make us fear to open the envelope each month. Families should hold a “family meeting” and advise everyone to strive to conserve energy so those bills will be lower. Some points to touch on include:

1)    Turning off lights when ever they leave a room for a period of time.

2)   Putting energy consumers such as computers, stereos, cell phone chargers, printers, radios, and other small appliances on a power strip so it can be conveniently shut off when those items are not in use.

3)   Keeping the temperature just a degree or two higher (or lower) than they think is necessary. They can add a sweater in cool winter months.

4)   Replace all your old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs with much more energy efficient CFL bulbs. This will not only save on electricity but these bulbs last far longer and operate much cooler.

Solar power for a brighter future!

As we switch to solar energy the future looks bright for the planet Earth. There is so much we can do with this constantly renewable source of energy, including cooking, heating and cooling our homes and businesses, and lighting up our lives efficiently and economically.

1)    Cooking with solar energy provides an affordable way to cook. Take it outdoors and let our sun do the work that would otherwise heat up the home and add to those electric bills. Solar cooking may be somewhat slower but with the use of a solar cooker you can bake, roast, and boil foods quiet efficiently.

2)   Heat or cool a home using a solar heating system to cut electrical costs considerably! Today electric service providers often pay back users who have an abundance of leftover electricity, making the unit purchased for solar heating pay for itself in a matter of a few years.

3)   Light the way with efficient solar energy. When solar power is used to generate cost efficient lighting for a home it must be stored with cells designed to store the sun’s energy for periods when the sun is not available (over night or on especially cloudy days).

4)   Solar energy cells, similar to your car’s battery, provide a means of storage used throughout the home that give quiet, efficient, cost effective, and safe energy to power the entire home forever. It is very possible to “go off the grid” and produce your own power via solar energy.

Make solar energy