The InfoBarrel Community

I have not been a member of InfoBarrel very long, but already I can see the potential it has to create a great community of writers.

One thing I have noticed online is that Infobarrel is relatively unknown, and as this is a community of writers we should help to build the information available, which in turn will help all the members and community as a whole.

There are many people writing excellent articles here and putting a lot of time and effort into creating and sharing their knowledge. I personally have found the staff to be very helpful and quick to respond to any issues and overall Infobarrel has been a great resource for me.

So I think maybe its time to help, not only Infobarrel but all the members and it can be done very easily. Are you in?

Here are the things we (myself included) can all do to help build the community, the members profiles, each others articles and Infobarrels traffic.

  • Start commenting more! Feedback is essential and leaving comments is a great way to support one another, everyone wants more comments on their articles.
  • Vote up articles that you found useful, ok so you may not be sure what exactly this will do yet, but its right there at the top of every article and nobody seems to be using it much, so lets find out about it.
  • Tell others about Infobarrel, write an Infobarrel review on your blog, you will also get the added benefit of referrals from anyone who signs up through your link.
  • Make friends, another feature that seems to be going unused
  • Promote the articles you think deserve it, digg, stumble and tweet, it really dosent take much time and the more information out there about infobarrel, the more traffic it will create to everyones articles
  • Link to related articles you like from your own articles. Share the link luv.

So there are a few things we can all do to help build traffic, community and readership. I am going to spend time doing all these things.

Looking forward to getting to know more of you!