Lets say total anarchy breaks out, is everyone going to remain true to there beliefs or will the line of right and wrong be shadowed by fear. This can be prevented. Many believe that some big catastrophie is going to happen within the next 25 years. Whether its the eruption of Yellowstone and ash blocks out the sky or a massive Electromagnetic pluse that shuts down the grid. What ever the problem, the situation would be the same. Total anarchy in the streets. If there's a women asking for help on the street, do you help her or keep moving.  What are your plans of action. Not all of us can be a blade weilding bullet evading Denzel Washington like in the movie THE BOOK OF ELI, were a comon trap was to have a women ask for help then a group would mug whoever got near. Alot would belive it's better to avoid the situation all together. So should are mind sets change with our enviorment?

                  Would you be the one to put forth your hand fisrt and pray it doesnt get snapped at! Would you give your neighbor food even though you told them to prepair and now your family needs to suffer for there lack of responsibility. In order to change the outcome you need to change the incline. Just a little preparedness goes a long way.

                      Unlike the people on new hit series on neogeo "Doomsday Preppers" you dont need a bullet proof house or 20 years of food to increase your odds of surviving substantially. Just a good escape route and simple camping gear can go a long way. 

                     The Biggest killer due to lost of enviorment is dehydration and stavation. Dont think of saving food day by day but year by year aka get some seeds (Preffer non Geneticaly Modified seeds). Ten bucks at your local floral store and you have a years worth of veggies fruit and spices. Now for water. A great little device is a manual water filter. From about 15-40 bucks you can have hundreds of gallons of drinkable water (Dont forget to boil). Now that you have basic essentials that are lightweight you can hold other supplies in you bag such as a tarp and misquito netting, (istead of a tent), flint block and lighter, string, hatchet, a fishing pole and othere thing that with benifits your survial. Your favorite bigg campground could be a very nice location to evac to. Just dont meet at the sites.

                           See you can remain in the same mind-set your in now and still be prepaired for the worst. You dont need alot of food storage or hundreds of guns to survive and you can remain on a good course of heroisim.