Emergency Kits and First Aid Supplies can be Vital when You Least Expect it!

I thought that today I would have a look at the range of Survival Kits and FIrst Aid Kits available on the market and give you suggestions as to what might be the best choices.

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For your home, your office or your car, a sensibly stocked and readily available first aid kit is a sensible must. You just never know when junior will cut their finger, one of you takes a fall or gets a nasty splinter.

After looking at many of the best selling first aid kits out there, I decided upon this one; the American Red Cross Disaster & Emergency Kit. As you can see from it's name this one was put together by the leaders in this field, the American Red Cross. For under $60, (down from a rec retail of $70), this kit is perfect for you to put in your car, home or office.

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American Red Cross Disaster & Emergency Kit

Here are just some of it's features:

  • The kit contains 246 items all enclosed in a handy book-style kit that features a tear-resistant carrying bag.
  • As well as all your first aid needs, the pack includes;
  • 1 Emergency poncho
  • 1 Emergency drinking water pouch
  • 1 Emergency blanket
  • 2 Hand warmers
  • 1 Light stick,1 Whistle with neck cord,3 Face masks

You get a full range of bandages and plasters, quality tweezers, effective antibacterial products, eye cups - you name it, it will be in there.

Just as an example of the need to have a first aid kit handy in the event of a sudden emergency, let's look at the trauma of a snakebite. Long gone are the days when doctors suggested applying a tight tourniquet such as a belt to the affected limb; that is now considered more dangerous than the venom! What is recommended now is a pressure bandage, preferably over 6 inches in width, applied between the bite zone and the patients heart. With a first aid kit available, a crepe elastic bandage can be easily fashioned this way, giving the patient immediate assistance with the venom spread, and buying you both precious time to call emergency services, or get the victim to a hospital. Paid for itself many times over - right there?

This market leader has proven popular with customers everywhere. Here's some of what they had to say:

"Great thing to have everywhere! I have used it many times, it has everything you need. To have it in your car is perfect so you know any place you go, you can count with some first Aids to prevent any disaster. Really recommended to have, it worth any first medical attention before too late."

"I looked at LOTS of first aid kits in the stores and online and this one was the most comprehensive kit I found for the price. It includes plenty of items that work well for sports-related injuries but also includes roadside emergency and survival supplies."

So many, many people have gained reassurance by having these kits in their homes or cars.


And if you are an intrepid hiker, bushwalker, like sailing or just concerned about how you would fare at home after a natural disaster, let's also look at a quality survival kit.

Again, there were lots on the market, but I ended up liking this one a lot. It's the Mayday Deluxe Emergency Preparedness 4 Person Survival Backpack Kit. It is US Coast
Guard approved and comes with all the essential items you need if lost, wrecked or following a disaster. Available for around $60, (down from a rec retail of $73), it represents outstanding value for money.

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Mayday Deluxe Emergency Preparedness 4 Person Survival Backpack Kit

See here some of its features:

  • Gear designed to help keep you protected in the event of an emergency
  • Food and water has a 5 year shelf life, U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • Designed for any type of emergency, including hurricanes and floods

It comes with high energy food bars, water pouches, torches, a tent and importantly a 54 piece first aid kit. There is lots more inside this quality product, as you can see.

Again this product has been a real hit with sensible consumers who have bought it. Some of their thoughts here:

"For the money this kit is a fantastic start for a short and minor disaster. I'm giving it 4 stars because I recognize the price and that no kit put together for large quantity sale will be perfect or high end."

"I needed to buy this emergency kit as a requirement for getting licensed as foster parent. After doing online research, I found this product to be the best value for the money: It contained all the items (and more) than the agency required and was reasonably priced"

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"This will sound crazy, but I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my husband ... He really liked this Emergency Kit and said it was a great start for our family. He keeps it in the back of his car as a bug out bag. I spent a lot of time comparing this to some of the other 4 person kits and really thought this was the best value and a great way to start."

These two items, the American Red Cross Disaster & Emergency Kit, and the Mayday Deluxe Emergency Preparedness 4 Person Survival Backpack Kit will be a very
sensible and reassuring addition to your life. That's right - YOUR LIFE!

Take Care Out There Now

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