Are you looking to put together the absolute perfect letter from Santa for your kids this year? If you’re looking forward to seeing them excitedly trek down the stairs on Christmas morning to find a plate of half eaten cookies and a half full glass of milk next to their own personalized letter, it’s important to make that moment extra special. By using these fun tips, you can help create the absolute perfect letter from Santa for this Christmas. Whether you’re an old pro looking for a few extras to spice things up this year, or this is your first year writing a letter on behalf of Mr. Claus – these helpful pointers will ensure you nail it!

Print It!

Did you know that a letter from Santa can now go DIGITAL? If you’re worried about your child recognizing your handwriting, this is the absolute perfect route to go! Explain that Santa, like the rest of us, has gone high-tech over the past few years and he’s now typing up his letters to save himself some time! There are plenty of websites out there that will help you create a fun and personalized letter to your kids from the big man himself. There are fun graphics, fonts, and clip art available, as well, to spice it up a bit. Choose a festive border, silly clip art, or a fantastic font for some added flair. You’ll be able to customize the letter completely and then just simply print it out! Just don’t forget to leave room for his signature at the bottom and sign it with love!

Cater it to Them

You don’t want to write a letter from Santa that just says “enjoy the presents, see you next year!” While the kids are dying to dive into those packages – you want them to know that Santa really is “watching them’ to make sure they’re on their best behavior throughout the year! So really customize your letter from Santa. Include things like “I know you’ve been brushing your teeth more, Thomas – and I am proud of that!” or “I know your mother asks you to clean up your room a lot, so try and work on that for me this year!” It will let them know he’s always got his eyes on them and it will encourage them to truly be on their best behavior! And what parent doesn’t love a little bit of added help from Santa?

Include a Surprise

To make sure that kids are really looking forward to their letter from Santa, include a little something special each year to keep them coming back for more! At the end of the letter, put something like “p.s. – check around the kitchen for a special surprise from my elves” and then hide a smaller package somewhere in that room. You can use more complex clues if you’d like – but this gives you a general idea. Kids will look forward to the clue that the letter from Santa provides every year and it can turn into somewhat of a “tradition” in your home. Plus who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt when there are presents involved!

Include Things from Their Letter

Before a child sends his or her letter to Santa away, remember some key notes or even make yourself a copy if you do actually mail it out. This way, when you’re writing your letter from Santa, you can tie in some of the key elements from your child’s letter. For example, if the letter to Santa mentioned wanting a puppy, the letter from Santa can explain that the child needs to show Santa he or she is a bit more responsible before getting a pet! You can also comment on the child’s improved handwriting or great spelling if you want to put in an added ego boost on Christmas morning!

Think Like the Big Man!

Remember, this letter from Santa isn’t coming from Mom or Dad – it’s coming from the North Pole, so be sure to keep that in mind! Don’t let the magic get lost just because you’re feeling a bit pressed for time. If you’re rushing to get the letter done on Christmas eve night, it can be easy to forget this extremely important aspect! Use words Santa would use like “jolly”, “naughty”, “joyful”, and “ho ho ho!” Keep the spirit in mind or your letter from Santa can end up sounding like a poorly worded note from mommy and daddy! Keep that holly jolly spirit alive in their minds as long as you possibly can!

Unique Placement

If you want to go for something a little different than setting the note on the coffee table, try putting it somewhere unique like the mailbox or under the tree. If you’re really feeling brave, you can sneak it onto your child’s night stand table for an extra special surprise in the morning. Just be sure to step lightly! Finding the note in an uncommon spot can take this simple tradition up a notch for older kids who may be starting to be on the brink of losing interest. Keep them in the game for an extra year or so by making simple changes like this to your Christmas morning routine!

Be Creative!

There aren’t many times in your life you get to play Santa Claus for a few years, so be sure you really cherish those moments. You won’t be writing these letters forever, so spend some time on them to make them extra special and creative for your kids. Hanging onto the notes will make sure some great memories down the line and you’ll certainly get a kick looking back on the things you said! Be creative and don’t be afraid to be a little bit silly.

So now that you’re practically a letter writing expert, you can get to work making this Christmas the biggest and best one yet! Playing Santa is not an easy task – so make sure you have every detail covered before the big day arrives. Use these helpful tips to concoct the absolute perfect letter from Santa and you’ll have your little ones even more geared up to tear open those presents!