The ever present business card is often one of the ways our clients and our prospects remember who we are and what we do. How can we set ourselves apart? What is a method of business card printing we can utilize to be unique? One very unique way to stand out among the veritable sea of business cards is by using letterpress business cards!

What is a Letterpress Business Card?

Letterpress is a printing method in which the ink is "pressed" into the paper resulting in ink transfer as well as the indentation left from the printing. What makes the process so unique for the purposes of letterpress business cards is the texture and style that letterpress printing allows.

What Makes a Letterpress Business Card Unique?

1. Indented Print - As mentioned above, the letterpress process leaves an indentation behind after the letterpress machine presses the image or text into our business cards. This helps make letterpress business cards unique by giving the appearance, and feeling, of depth to the printed portion of your business card. Most modern business card printing methods may leave the text raised or flat on the business card. Letterpress business cards can stand out buy leaving a unique indentation for your business cards.

2. High Quality Paper - The paper used for ideal letterpress prints is often very high quality and much thicker than normal paper. This makes letterpress business cards feel more substantial and of higher quality than business cards printed by traditional methods. Your letterpress business card will feel like substantially more than just plain cardstock in the hands of the receiver.

3. Varying Size - As long as we are making unique business cards, we can explore unique size. Since letterpress is not relegated to specific size constraints for business cards, this can mean uniquely larger letterpress business cards. This will of course be more inconvenient for both you and the person you give your letterpress business card to, but the inconvenient size is what helps set the card apart in their minds!

4. Unique In Style - The graphic design qualities of letterpress business cards are incredible. Letterpress printers often are, or work in conjunction with, very talented designers that can aid you in making the printed portion of your letterpress cards uniquely stylized to fit your specific taste.

Where Can I Get Letterpress Business Cards?

There are a few letterpress companies available. Most of the companies also have websites and they will often carry examples of their letterpress business cards in their online portfolios. One very popular letterpress company is Boxcar Press. You can find their website at I highly recommend you take a look at the many sites and options available to you if you choose letterpress business cards. Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting carried away by the uniquely beautiful design common in letterpress.

You and your business are both unique. Why not step out and make your business cards equally as unique as the person, and the business, that they represent? Letterpress business cards offer a great mix of form and function. This can say a lot to your potential customers about the quality and care you put into every aspect of your business. If the business card is going to act as the immediate face of your business, you should consider making that face as unique as possible.

Letterpress business cards offer that unique face. They may be more expensive upfront, but the payoff is in the impact they are sure to have. Explore letterpress business cards for yourself. I am sure that you will find them to your liking and you will walk away feeling im-pressed!