The wedding invitation is often one of the first pieces of tangible information we send to our guests. In a sense, it is the face of the wedding. The invitations we send always tell a little about both the bride and groom, and the wedding itself. They can help set the tone for the entire wedding. One very unique way to set your invitations apart is by using letterpress wedding invitations.

Why Letterpress Wedding Invitations?

The process of making letterpress wedding invitations is an old one. Even the machines used in letterpress are often old and no longer in manufacture. When a letterpress wedding invitation is made, the ink from the letterpress machine is "pressed" into the paper. This results in the printed portion being indented into the paper and it gives a very unique color and textural feel to your wedding invitations.

Below are 3 differences that help make letterpress wedding invitations unique.

1. Texture - the raised and indented portions of letterpress wedding invitations make them a party for the senses. Not only does the letterpress give your invitations more depth in appearance, but it also offers a different and unique physical feel to the texture of your wedding invitation. Running your fingers over a letterpress wedding invitation for just a few seconds will often result in a sensational experience like any other.

2. Higher quality paper - In letterpress, it is not uncommon to use higher quality, and thicker, paper. This helps give the letterpress wedding invitation a more substantial feel while allowing for the press into the paper to result in more depth and clean lines. Usually, the paper itself has a unique texture which adds to the overall aesthetic beauty of your wedding invitations.

3. Creative Design - Often, letterpress operators are highly talented design professionals and they can help you achieve a very stylized and beautiful composition for your letterpress wedding invitations. The mixture of unique design, unique process, and unique people comes together in letterpress and the result is wedding invitations that are stunning in presentation and quality.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Letterpress wedding invitations will likely be more expensive than their counterparts. This is due to a number of factors. The first is the cost of materials. Higher quality paper means higher prices. Along with the paper is the ink. These can be expensive for the operator and this will be rolled into the price of your wedding invitations. You are also paying a premium for labor. Operating a letterpress is a skill that requires a talented artist to perform correctly. You will pay for the quality you receive when you choose to purchase letterpress wedding invitations, but it is a price that is well worth it in the end.

One added bonus to using letterpress wedding invitations is that people will not want to throw them away! They are usually of such quality and beauty that they are almost collectible and frame-able pieces of art in themselves. A letterpress wedding invitation is sure to stick out in the minds of both you and your guests. This helps in making your big day all the more memorable and cherished.

If you are having a wedding soon and are not sure what to do for your wedding invitations, then I encourage you to explore the possibility of letterpress wedding invitations. Remember, this is a day to celebrate. Weddings are, usually, once in a lifetime occurrences. Make your wedding stand out and be memorable by using letterpress wedding invitations. The results are nothing short of special. A special wedding should have special wedding invitations.