Letterrep.com is an online writing site fashioned to connect letters that freelance writers want to sell with clients that would like to buy. Writers that want to make money online can certainly benefit from joining Letterrep.com. The unique thing about Letterrep.com is they are supplying an innovative writing resource for a need that doesn’t seem to have other competition. Freelance writers can certainly make easy money online writing letters.

The inventory of letters with the writing site is composed of letters from A to Z. They have acceptance letters, bills of sale, campaign letters, letters of recommendation, medical administration letters, resume cover letters, wedding blessings and even letters for speeches and toasts. This site even has Jury Duty Exemption Letters as well as Parole Request letters. A serious writer with the tools and techniques for writing letters can make easy money online writing letters with this letter writing site.

How does it work?

Letters for the site earn money for freelance writers in two different ways. If you have letters that you have already created, upload these letters to the site for sale. These are letters where you can use substitution brackets in places where things such as names and dates can be modified. If a buyer has an interest in one of your letters they can purchase it. Each letter sold will earn a freelance writer $10.

The second way that freelance writers can earn money writing letters online with the writing site is to bid for a client job. These are letters written on client request. There are specific requests that writer produces for a client. An example would be a letter declining a job offer, Dear John letters or a letter to a mother in law requesting a copy of a couple’s divorce decree. Writers can check letters already in their portfolio to suggest a letter for the client or create a new letter from scratch. Each letter accepted or purchased by a client will earn the writer $10.

Writer reviews of Letterrep.com

Review from Writer A

The reviews of the site are mixed. One freelance writer admits that if a writer possessing the skills to produce letters similar to the tools used by an administrative assistant will find a website of easy income. If a freelance writer admitting a struggle with writing letters and getting the point across this may not be a good fit for freelance writing income. This particular writer admitted it was a thumb up for his income resources.

Review from Writer B

Another writer gave it thumbs down. Unfortunately you have to bid for letter writing jobs that are requested. This means competing with other writers for the same letter writing job. Writing to make money online through this letter writing website is challenging since your letter can be written and submitted to the client along with other letters and the client rejects yours and selects another.

It could even get worse. The client may ask for revisions and after a remake to the original another writer’s letter is chosen. This writer admonished that is a bit of work for little or no pay in many circumstances. Writer B gave Letterrep.com thumbs down.

Both writers did admit that there is a niche for nearly anyone that has an ability in certain areas. For an example, there are a few letters with a legal slant attached. These go unanswered many times while other niches are overloaded with letter submissions. For the right person finding the right niche you can pump out the letters and pump up the income with ease.

Signing up for the site

Signing up for the site is fairly simple and free to join. The process takes a couple of minutes and a writer can begin letter writing immediately.

Writing a letter a client requested is submitted to the client with a text box provided by the site. The letter is typed inside of the box supplied by Letterep.com and submitted for review. Editorial review takes about six to twelve hours.

If the website editors or client has any issues or concerns that a writer should address, the letter is returned for revision. After revision the letter is moved back to a live position again. Payment is made to a writer's que after acceptance.

For letters writers have on a personal file that they would like to upload for sale, follow the directions provided by Letterrep.com. Interested clients can buy letters and after sale $10 is moved to a writer’s que for payment.


There is a minimum payout of $50. Payment is made via PayPal for writers and the $50 minimum can be made anytime you sell 5 letters regardless of which of the two methods are used. Letters are a flat fee of $10 no matter which method of sale is used or what type of letter is written.

Letter writing services are an easy way for a lot of writers to earn some great additional income. Check out Letterrep.com to decide if this is site that can fit into your freelance writing needs.