healing from within

Steps to Freedom

How common is that we hear, " just let go of the past?"  " Stop living in the past?" or ""forget that stuff, it was twenty years ago.?"   We know that this is a valid statement, but somehow deep inside us we realize that something is just not right, doesn't feel right, and we may get a gut instinct  about certain topics or events of the past.

These  instincts we feel are  trying to tell us something.  They are indicators that there is something we are storing inside, our mind, our hearts, or even our body cell memories.  Like a flashing light,
 it can be a signal to  point us to where we need healing.    Some of us may have only three to five areas to address,  and some of us  may have been storing them inside for years. The  grief, and pain, so  deep that is affecting our mental, emotional, and physical health.  Holding onto this pain  has a real effect on our realtionships with others,  and how we interact in general socially.   I found that we can be truly free of the past in terms of pain, but that it takes a lot of  patience, and a lot of hard work.

Seeking the help of a  counsellor is recommended  so we can  feel safe to approach issues  if we have had  trauma or have been in abusive situations  in life.  The old saying that it may get worse before it gets better is also true.  Sometimes we have a lot to actually grieve over, and release, as well as get a healthier perspective on, to free ourselves from things like shame, guilt , unwarranted blame etc.  For me this was a very painful journey as i had to learn to rid my soul of unhealthy family dysfunction, in order to move on in life, with a truly fresh start. I encourage anyone who is in emotional pain, or agony that they can't quite define,  or wonder why they are repeating harmful patterns in  life,  to seek help, start slow, be patient.    In time  you can heal and let go of the harm of the past,  and hang onto the good the golden nuggets of our past  that will  allow us.  

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