There are many different things that you can do to level up quickly in Eternity Warriors. Start out by playing through the first few waves of enemies to get yourself some gold. Purchase the best weapons that you can buy with gold so that you will be ready to start playing the arena. Having the best possible gear will make leveling up much easier for you. Once you have some gear, try to find a friend on Game Center that is a high level and has good gear/weapons. One of the best ways to find Eternity Warriors players is to play multiplayer games on Gun Bros and add every person to your Game Center friends list. Most people who have high level characters in Gun Bros will also have a high level character in Eternity Warriors. Each time your partner kills an enemy, you gain experience. You will not gain any gold for kills that your teammate gets but you will still earn just as much experience as you would if you were to kill the enemy. You can use this to your advantage by allowing your teammate to do most of the work if your character is still low level. When you do not have time to actually play, start a game and move your character into a corner of the map. If your teammate is a high enough level, he will protect you through most of the waves, getting you tons of free experience. As far as leveling goes, the fastest way to gain experience at this point is in the arena. This is a small map where you will fight 10 waves of very difficult enemies. Be sure to stock up on power ups before entering the arena because you will need them. Playing through these waves will earn you special currency that you can use to buy some of the best gear and weapons in the game. Once you have enough gear and are a high enough level, start playing the Hard arena levels. You will gain much more currency and experience for each game. Once you have the best gear and weapons in the game, you can easily complete Hard arena games over and over for the best experience possible. Use the information on this page to level up fast in Eternity Warriors for iOS devices. It looks like Glu Mobile is working hard to update all of their games so we should see more levels and content for Eternity Warriors in the near future. Feel free to add me on game center and use my character to help you level up ( Geske1221 )