Rift Leveling

Rift Planes of Telara is a new MMORPG that allows you to customize your character and play through elemental rift invasions. There are many different ways to gain experience and level up but some are much faster than others. This article has information about some of the fastest ways to level up in Rift.Choosing the right class combination for your gaming style can greatly increase your leveling speed. You will be able to choose 3 different classes from tank, healer, dps or support. You will be able to have multiple class combinations and swap out souls as many times as you need to. Testing out the different combinations will help you find the class that fits your gaming style. The best classes for solo grinding and questing are dps and support or heals. This will allow you to quickly kill mobs and keep yourself alive with less down time. You do not want to choose a tank or healing class while trying to quest because it will take you forever to get anything accomplished. Questing is one of the fastest ways to level up in Rift so having a dps class will greatly increase your leveling speed. Dungeons are also a very fast way to gain experience in Rift Planes of Telara. To easily get into dungeons, you should have an off spec healing or tanking class. This will allow you to find groups quickly and control the speed and success of the group. You will find quests that will give you tons of experience and loot in each of the dungeons available in Rift. You should do ever dungeon at least one time when you are the appropriate level for the quest experience and loot. Many people are choosing to do rifts to level up their character. This is a great way to level up your character if you are not into questing or doing dungeons. Rifts are fun ways to group up with other people your level to defend your faction's territory from elemental invasions. These invasions will give you experience and currency that you can spend to upgrade your gear. Rift experience is based on participation so make sure you are doing as much as possible to defeat the invasions to gain the most experience and loot possible. PvP is also another way to level up in Rift. This is not the fastest way to level up but also allows you to gain experience and upgraded loot as you level up. The experience gain and favor gain in PvP is also based on participation. If you plan on leveling up through PvP, make sure you have a group that knows what they are doing. This is a very easy and fun way to level up your character if you are successful in Warfronts. Picking up your class specific PvP soul will give you access to PvP specific abilities and talents that will help with your damage reduction and dps for enemy players. All of these options are available for you to use to level up your Rift Planes of Telara character. Browse through all of the different class combinations and decide which one is right for your gaming style. Choosing the right class for the type of gameplay that you enjoy will greatly increase the rate at which you level up in Rift: Planes of Telara.