How to get more experience while playing COD black ops

The following article will outline some tips on what to do and what not to do in order to earn more points whilst playing call of duty black ops online. Six points have been outlined and explained as they are possibly the key factors to consider in order to improve your score for each match and increase the rate of gathering experience. Continue reading if you want to learn how to improve your level up rate and unlock all the goodies call of duty black ops has to offer!

What to do:

Tips on how to gain maximum experience

  • Hunt down the objective – be active in your pursuit of winning the objective. If you are playing a flag type match then capture as many flags as possible. Actually achieving the objective of the match rewards a player with a lot more points than simply camping and getting a large number of kills.
  • Call in kill streaks – If you can get to the helicopter kill streak, call it in! The placement of the helicopter is important as it will determine just how many kills your kill streak can achieve. For flag based maps it is best to call in the helicopter above the enemies flag, as when they re-spawn they will be immediately under fire from your helicopter. This will also give you the opportunity to take the flag while the enemy is seeking shelter from the helicopters fire.
  • Rush in pairs – If you see one of your team mates rushing towards the enemy objective team up and charge with them. Two guns are greater than one and while you or your team mate may be taken down, chances are the player left standing will take revenge. In saying this it is often best to go around a blind corner or through a door second and let your team mate take on any campers or claymores.

What NOT to do:

What to avoid doing while playing

  • Team kills – What ever you do, avoid team kills. While sometimes it is impossible not to take revenge when somebody deliberately shoots you when you are on their team. The price of that revenge is significant in terms of your call of duty experience points. Depending on the type of match you are playing will often determine just how many points you lose for a team kill. For example if you perform a team kill on a capture the flag match, while your team member is carrying the flag, expect to lose a significant amount of points. In some cases this is more points than you will earn in the match itself! Finishing on a negative is never a nice feeling.
  • Camp – camping wont get you many points. Its that simple. Yes you may get a few kills and depending on how good the spot you are camping in is, and the level of skill of your opposition you may think your doing well. However as soon as the round ends you will notice the player that chased down the enemy or took on the match objectives will have more points and level up much faster.
  • Spray and Pray – Whatever you do, don’t spray and pray. Spray and praying is a term whereby a player simply holds their finger on the trigger and sprays bullets everywhere in the hope that they hit their enemy. This tactic will not get you many points as you may kill one enemy, but you’ll have to reload and chances are while your reloading you will be taken down. Call of duty black ops is about precision shooting, use your sights even with sub machine guns and stick to a double tap or very short spray at most.

Final Comments

#1 Tip - do not team kill!

Hopefully this article provides a few tips on how to improve the amount of points you are earning as you play call of duty black ops. The biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t team kill. While sometimes its impossible to resist the temptation to take out an annoying team mate, the consequent loss of experience points is worth causing you to pause and just ignore them as best you can. Good luck as you level up through the game and please comment if this article has provided some helpful insight into how to get more points in call of duty black ops online.