If You're Blogging You Need Social Media

Social Media icons for your blog

Blogging and social media go hand in hand these days.  Learn how to leverage your social media presence to increase traffic to your blog.

* First you need to make sure your blog is an online space that people will want to come to.  Make your content exciting and useful so that people will want to read it and share it with others online.

* In today's social media world, Facebook is king and Twitter runs a close second to it.  Make sure you have Facebook and Twitter share buttons on all posts and make sure they are conspicuous on each post so that a reader doesn't have to hunt for them.

* Make comments on other blogs in the same interest area as your blog.  This will show that you consider yourself a part of the blogging community.  You can extend this idea by sharing other blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.  While that isn't always reciprocal, sharing other interesting blog posts on social media venues makes you look like you're reading widely (rather than just posting on your blog).

* Respond to your readers' comments on your blog.  This will show that you care about what your readers think and emphasize the social aspect of your blog.

* "List" posts are usually popular among readers and they get shared via social media venues often since they offer information succinctly.  Write more list posts so that your content gets shared more.

* Add a link for people to add your blog to their RSS feeds.  Usually you can add an prominent icon for your feed in a one of your blog's side bars.  This will allow folks to read your content in their favorite feed reader and click back over to your blog if they want to comment or share your content.

* Include share buttons for social bookmarking sites and also include follow buttons for social media.  Your readers can bookmark your content for themselves later or to share with online friends and your follow social media buttons provide another way for you to interact with readers and promote your content to them.

A successful online blog is a lot of fun to run and connecting it to various social media can be an opportunity to grow your blog's audience as well as interact with your regular readers.  Treat your blog and other social media as areas to create and promote your content and you will see your blog grow and flourish.