There are so many social media outlets available to business owners that the prospective marketing platforms can be overwhelming. Deciding on your target audience will be the first and most essential choice to help you to define which platform will best help you to promote your business. It is recommended that you choose one outlet as your main focus for marketing first before building from there. If your time and resources are limited, you will have greater results investing your energy in a single outlet versus trying to spread yourself across the web.

Choosing The Right Platform

There are numerous social media networks that a business can take advantage of to market their services and products. Before you choose which outlet best suits your business’s needs, you need to define what you expect to gain from the platform you choose. You may be interested in building relationships with a client base, getting product exposure, service feedback, or establishing professional connections. Depending on the aim of your marketing, this will make the social media decision simpler for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a social media platform:

  • Facebook- This is one of the largest networking sites and encompasses a wide range of people. It is still important to keep in mind that Facebook facilities emotional expression and personal relationships. Your business will benefit from Facebook for exposure and connection. However, these connections may be shallow and not produce much new business, but can aid in developing loyalty.
  • LinkedIn- Using this networking avenue will help a service based business to establish relevant professional contacts. It is a way to get your business in the address books of other companies or individuals that may require your services. However, keep in mind that LinkedIn is not necessarily the best option for product based companies.
  • Twitter- This outlet provides a business’ client base to hold an on going conversation with the company. It is not a browsing facility of the company’s services or products, rather a platform that allows the business to directly get ahold of its clientele. With a company that has a lot of information to say, investing in twitter is important.
  • Pinterest- A social media outlet with a large female presence, Pinterest is gaining speed in the networking world. This outlet serves businesses that cater, craft, wedding plan, fashion, travel, and decorating to name a few. A business that is built with women as a target audience should certainly invest in this avenue.
  • YouTube- This social media platform allows a business to bring visual life to their product or service. By creating commercials and captivating video presentations, a business can increase their sales exponentially. Many businesses are using this outlet to further their success by creating engaging content that is being shared in other social media outlets by viewers.

Reach Out and Touch Your Audience

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Consumers are more likely to use the services of a businesses that will keep their social media outlet of choice up to date. The public will become frustrated if they visit your site often and find very little new content. It is important that whatever outlet you choose for your business marketing strategy, that you bring quality content and update constantly.