Mobile is fast gaining popularity as an effective marketing channel especially in Asia which accounts for almost 50 per cent of all the mobile phones in the world.

As mobile devices are highly personal, they enable brands and marketers to directly connect with the consumers. Of course, the brands need to be careful to build up a rich opt-in and CRM database of the target market to benefit from this and ensure a high ROI for the marketing efforts.

With a high degree of interactivity offered by mobile marketing, the brands have multiple ways to engage with their consumers. Finally, mobile marketing campaigns ensure a rich tracking of the user behavior on the mobile marketing campaigns. These metrics help agencies to come up with flexible revenue models based on cost per impression, cost per click, cost per lead for the brands. Marketers can also make use of this data to create better and more effective brand communications.

So how can you leverage mobile marketing for your business. Here are a few tips:

Be targeted. Gone are the days of spam marketing, brands need to be careful about properly utilising the advantages offered by the mobile as a marketing channel. One of the ways to do this is to work closely with operators to take advantage of the Real-time subscriber data available with them.

Be Relevant: With advanced technologies, consumers have more access to multitude of products world-wide. So cluttering their inboxes with product information bases on demographics might not help. With mobile, you can go beyond demographics to make every communication relevant to the consumer. A thing to remember is that each consumer or subscriber is unique with very unique interests and expectations. Combining demographics with other real-time data like browsing habits, purchase behavior and so on will help to make the campaigns more relevant.

Be innovative. With the advent of smart phones in the market, brands should try to engage in marketing campaigns suited for the capabilities of smart phones. New concepts like augmented reality and QR code-based marketing are picking up fast. Mobile marketing and advertising integrated with the consumers favorite applications and games are picking up steam. If agencies and brands work more closely with operators, they can think of a lot more innovative ways to reach their consumers based on their activities on mobile.

Be engaging. Mobile is unlike other channels – personal and interactive.  A lot more can be done via mobile beyond pushing products and services. Consumers remember an experience more than a product name or other information. So marketers need to think of more innovative ways to engage with their consumers. Mobile offers a perfect channel to engage consumers via surveys, quiz and polls. Brands brands need to work hard to create a compelling experience for the consumers to spend their time on mobile campaign.

Be Gratifying. We all love rewards, don’t we? Mobile device is a great medium to work in a targeted manner to wide-reaching campaigns. They allow for specific coupon deals, positioning of a new brands eg.offering free test rides on a new car model, up-selling like opt-in your consent to buy a new handset and get head set free among others.

Be non-intrusive: Mobile being a very personal and sensitive media, it is highly important to understand what your consumer does not what as much as what your consumers wants. All campaigns should be permission-based, fully respecting consumer’s privacy. Otherwise it will end frustrating your consumers.

Be simple. Mobile devices offer limited space and time for the users to grasp the marketing message. Brands need to create a sharp and focused marketing message in order to gain the attention of the consumer.