The Book of Leviticus

By Leviticus, Moses had moved the Israelites to Mount Sinai, and this book continues where Exodus ends. During this time, the tabernacle was done, and the people were in need of training on how to follow God's laws.

The book offers information about offerings and the many different sins and problems that could happen to those who broke the laws.

The Burnt Offering

The Five Offerings

These five offerings were important to the blessings given the people and to make atonement to the Lord God.

The Burnt offering would be a male animal with no defects, and it would be for the atonement of the person who brought the animal. The animal was to be completely consumed by fire with no parts of the animal left for anyone to consume. This happened six days a week, none was offered on the Sabbath days.

The Grain offering were gifts of the finest flour, many times accompanied by frankincense, in this instance only some of the grain offering going to the Lord while the rest was kept by the priests. Additionally this grain offering must be salted and then the priests will burn this to the Lord God.

The Fellowship offering would be the one where the people who were at peace with the Lord God would come and show their appreciation for all that God had done for them and their families. This was the fat parts of the animal were burned to God.

The Sin offering was in case of someone who had sinned unintentionally, this would get that person the forgiveness they are asking for if they are truly sorry and they give the sin offering, he must also confess his sins to make it more concrete for the person who had commited the crime.

The Guilt offering is an offering where the person commits a crime and he must make restitution, for which he had failed to do, must make this offering.

Then God gave instructions on how the priests were supposed to handle the offering after it had been done and how eating of fat and blood were forbidden. He also gave them directions on the priest's share leaving the breast of the animals were given to the Aaron and his sons.

The Ordination of Priests

The Ordination of the Priests

The Ordination of the priests were conducted, the men were chosen and sent to become the priests of God, this included Aaron and his sons. The priests would then begin their ministry among the people of Israel. Aaron's sons Nadab and Abihu offered an unauthorized fire to the Lord and they were killed. The remaining sons of Aaron would be the only priests left.

Foods that were clean or not clean

God came with a list of foods for the Israelites that would be good for them to eat and which ones they could not eat.

The clean animals included those who chewed cud and had cloven hoofs, which meant the people could eat cows, deer, antelope, sheep and goats because they only ate grains and plants, meat eating animals were unclean.

Water creatures would have to have fins and scales in order to be eaten, this meant that oysters, clams, lobsters, crabs and eel could not be eaten.

The types of birds considered unclean were the eagle, ossifrage, ospray, vulture, raven, 0wl, hawk, cuckow, swan, stork, pelican, heron, lapwing, bat and any fowls that creep (insects). 

Other animals that were to be kept from eating were mice, shrews, moles and some types of lizards were not to be eaten as well.

Women of the Bible

Women's Purification and treatment of Leprosy

God came to Moses and told him how a woman is supposed to purify herself and about the treatment of leprosy. The women were to stay clean, however after childbirth the women were not clean because of the blood issue for 33 days for a boy and 36 days for a girl. Once this time was done she was to bring a lamb and a young pigeon or a turtledove for her sin offering, this would make her clean again.

Leprosy was explained as being a skin disease where the skin and hair turned white, he wouas pronounced unclean. Unless it is an old leprosy or has turned white in which the man is clean. For many they are unclean and must yell to the public, "unclean, unclean." This person shall kill an animal, then shall wash himself, shave his head, beard, and eyebrows. By doing these things he shall be clean.

Also important to what is clean and what is not clean is discharges from the body, when a person has these discharges they are unclean. When this happens the priest will make a sin offering and in most cases a burnt offering for these sins.

God Goes On....

God provides a list of things that were forbidden such as eating of blood and acts of immorality, also important would be his lists for the holiness of priests, the holiness of offerings, the feasts, sabbath years, jubilee, redeeming the poor, idolatry, dedications and tithes were expressed during this time.