Lexington Kentucky Jobs

Jobs in Lexington Kentucky (33129)

With the national unemployment rate in America at an all time high of 10.1%, it is very encouraging to know that there are Lexington Kentucky jobs that offer a competitive salary, complete benefit package with holiday, sick pay and vacation pay as well as a 401K with company matching and employee discounts for those qualified.

Lexington Kentucky is the second largest city in Kentucky, known as the Thoroughbred City, located in the Bluegrass Region, has a humid subtropical climate with a vibrant downtown of historic and new architecture, is home to Lexmark International, The University of Kentucky and Tempur-Pedic to name a few.

Tempur-Pedic – The USA Company that worked with NASA to develop the Tempur material used in mattresses for better quality sleep has Lexington Kentucky jobs available for those qualified individuals to score employment in tough economic times. Other products from Tempur-Pedic include pillows, linens, and supportive seat cushions for the home, office or travel and even slippers and an eye mask that are all made with the tempur material that has made the Tempur-Pedic company famous.

The Tempur-Pedic mattress company has these employment opportunities available:

Lexington Kentucky Jobs

Lexington Kentucky Jobs (33130)

Direct Response Sales Consultant

This Lexington Kentucky job as a direct response sales consultant is a job opportunity for the individual with a Bachelor's Degree or one year of equivalent training or experience or a combination of both.

The successful candidate will be responsible for selling corporate products to customers via the telephone.

Language skills as well as mathematical skills are required to deal with customers, assist in calculating orders, building relationships with clients and answering product questions. Other duties include working with the outside sales representatives and handling potential customer issues that require resolution.

Senior Merchant

The Senior Merchant job is an opportunity for the individual with a BS or BA in Business or Merchandising. 8-10 years of retail merchandising is necessary with a premium or luxury brand with three years as a Senior Merchant.

This candidate will establish and optimize merchandising and inventory management throughout a rapidly growing product assortment. Strong management, computer skills, data entry, financial analysis, interpersonal skills, customer relations, organizational skills, leadership and team spirit as well as a drive for success will all be needed to obtain this key Lexington Kentucky job opportunity.

Staff Accountant – Jobs in Lexington Kentucky

This is an entry level position as a staff accountant for a qualified individual who will need a four year degree in accounting or relevant experience as the primary job responsibility will be handling the financial reports.

Knowledge in financial analysis, data collecting, trending, reconciliation, balance sheets and profit and loss statements will be necessary to obtain this position.

Financial Analyst

The financial analyst position requires a BS in finance or accounting as the duties will primarily consist of all financial monthly reports and analysis. An MBA or CPA would be a valuable addition.

Additional duties of the financial analyst would include all financial reporting and financial forecasting weekly and monthly as well as all technical knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheets and all facets in between. Operational analysis, budgeting and forecasting will all be additional essential duties of the successful financial analyst.

Lexington Jobs (33131)

Lexington Kentucky Jobs – Customer Service Manager

The customer service manager will need a BS/BA in Business Administration with at least 15 years of experience as a manager in a high volume call center. The Customer Service Manager will be responsible for all activities in the customer call center.

Additional job duties will include managing at least 50 staff member and supervisors, hiring and training, customer sales, marketing, budgeting and identifying strategies for long term growth of the North American division of Tempur-Pedic.

Lexington Kentucky offers jobs with Tempur-Pedic for those individuals that are qualified and possess the skills and determination to succeed with this respectable and growing company. Prepare your resume today and find out more about Lexington Kentucky jobs, it could even be worth moving there for the vibrant downtown, mild climate, horses, history, sophistication, culture and jobs! For more details on each of these positions or to determine other jobs available within the company, please see the Tempur-Pedic site for all further information and contacts. Good luck in your search for employment.

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