What is LiBrow


I started using LiBrow about 9 months ago or so. It is an eyebrow growth serum that has been designed for people like myself with sparse eyebrows. It works by nourishing the hair for thicker, fuller and darker eyebrows.

To use LiBrow you apply it using the applicator, and it is applied along the eyebrow length and dries within a few minutes. Once it is dry you can apply your usual cosmetics to your face.

You need to use it everyday, but after you have achieved your desired eyebrow growth you need to use it twice per week. I only use it once per week as maintenance and this works okay for me.

Librow is a non-prescription product that contains natural botanicals to help condition and darken the eyebrows. The eyebrows are said to become a couple of shades darker while using it. For me personally I can say my eyebrows are definitely darker now which gives them better definition.

Librow Application

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LiBrow Before and After Results


When I first started using LiBrow I didn't see any changes and was wondering if it is not working, but then it was after month 1 that I remember seeing new little hairs growing in the thin areas of my eyebrows.

I continued using librow and these new hairs got longer and thicker and filled in the sparse areas. My eyebrows got a nice defined look from the tinting agent the serum contains. My experience to date has been fantastic, my eyebrows are thicker, fuller, and more well-defined.

I am so happy with the results that I don't even bother to use any fillers or anything else at all, Librow is an amazing product and I always make sure I use it once a week so that I can maintain the effect.



If you have got thin eyebrows and are looking for a way to thicken them up then librow has worked wonders for me. I found a couple more consumer librow review testimonials which are shown below for you.

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