Libra tattoos

Libra is the epitome of fairness and justice, and this sun sign represents the harmony of life. Libra tattoos for girls have a number of different combinations. These include the basic figures like the scales, the word itself, and also the figure of goddess Themis. The options for those girls who belong to the sun sign of the Libra and want to flaunt it with style are not limited to just these three. The use of different styles while incorporating the basic theme of the Libra tattoos is the main work here.

Libra is the sun sign which comes in the first half of the sun sign cycle. Astrologically speaking, this means that if taken as the life cycle of man, before the middle of life is when one has had the fun and acquired a fine taste. This is also the time when one asks for some harmony after the wild party days are almost over. Libra people can be understood properly if one keeps in mind these few details. To understand the charm and importance of Libra tattoos for girls and also for boys, the basic characteristic of this sun sign need to be understood at first.

People might find these people rather fidgety for they are not the ones to take any decision easily. They calculate the pros and cons, and try to balance every aspect before they finally decide on any one of the options. This is just like their characteristic symbol – the scales. Libra people do not rush in to any conclusion and this is why they make good judges of practical problems. If you want to have the most popular and thematic symbol of this sun sign tattooed on your body, you can opt for a number of combination designs. You can get the scales in plain black. This is preferred by those who get the tattoo mainly to keep it as a part of their identity.

libra tattoo for girls

If you are one of those who would want to have a tattoo but cannot decide which one to go for, you may be the perfect Libra person for you are just weighing the pros and cons of having a permanent tattoo. A permanent tattoo is painful to get, and stays with you for your whole life. So, you must be careful before deciding which that one design is that you want to carry on your body for your lifetime. Going for the most basic one would be your own sun sign, for this is what you have been born with and have lived with and will die with as well. And if your work place does not permit unconventional or extravagant tattoos, you could choose these plain and simple scales in black.

Girls, however, when choosing Libra tattoos, prefer a little color. The scales are a simple design and can be made in any color. The combination of red and black is a winner here. Also, as Libra tattoos for girls mean usually softer tones, the use of colors like violet, turquoise, pink, chrome, olive are also popular.

The scales do not necessarily have to be plain. Usually younger girls do not want to have tattoos which are just black and white. They like to flaunt their style and confidence. And so they like splashes of colors. However, keeping the characteristics of the Libra girls in mind, it will be probably safe to say they are not the ones to use baby pink or fuchsia or fluorescents. Libra girls are sturdy, strong. They are usually more strongly featured in their physique than the girls under other air sign like Gemini or Aquarius. Libra tattoos for girls need to match that strength, and so the partiality towards strong but sober colors like dark red, midnight blue, forest green can be noticed in clothes, make up as well as in the Libra tattoos for girls.


libra tattoo for girls

The other form of proper interpretation of the Libra tattoos for girls would be the figure of goddess Themis. The background of this choice goes back to the Greek mythology. Those who are inclined towards history and fantasy prefer such mythical interpretations of the regular things. The Greek goddess was worshipped as the goddess of fairness and proper justice. She is represented as a woman who stands holding a pair of scales to measure the balance between truth and lie. Movies and courtrooms are the places where you might have seen such a figure being displayed. Sometimes, the eyes of the women are tied with a piece of cloth symbolizing the delicate nature of justice which has to be done impartially and without any bias.

If you want an intricate form of the Libra tattoo, you can get a detailed image of Themis tattooed on your body. However, if you are not inclined towards myths and yet want a different kind of tattoo, you can get the figure of a woman tattooed. This does not have to resemble the goddess, for the symbol of a woman holding the scales has evolved further than to just represent goddess Themis.

The word “Libra” can also become a great tattoo option. In interesting calligraphy, the word itself symbolizes the purity and strength of the sun sign. Libra girls are not the type to beat around the bush once they are sure of what they want. The word “Libra” being tattooed is the representation of that straightforwardness.

You can get the Libra tattoos almost anywhere on your body. The places that are usually popular with Libra tattoos for girls are ankles, wrists, shoulders, waist, neck, nape, back and also around the navel. As girls like their tattoos to make them look sexy and attractive, they want these tattoos to appear to the public eye but not completely. The peek a boo quality of tattoos increases the demand to see the complete tattoo, and this is why girls like to have interesting tattoo designs in suggestive body parts.

Getting the perfect Libra tattoos for girls is not easy, for you have to choose a design that suits your personality and does no do anything to give people a wrong impression. The tattoo design has to be kept in accordance with your real style, and it should enhance your personal style quotient.