Library research is it a thing of the past. With the onset of computers has the idea of going to the library to learn or research information dead. If you only use the internet for research you might want to check out the local library.

If you are doing serious research the internet is good but how about the accuracy of the information. Yes you can find all kinds of resources from the computer but are they detailed enough. Compared to reading it in a book I would suspect the resources and authors that are listed in a book are far more accurate. I would compare it to looking at a car on the internet. You can read all about the car but being there in person and actually sitting in the car is a big difference. The new libraries are complex and have much more research ideas on a particular topic then the internet.

Most new libraries have a computer data base that will indicate which books they have on a particular subject. You can also find the newest magazines, journals and newspapers. If you are doing research on a particular subject there are personal at the library that can point you in the right direction. You can also check dictionaries, encyclopedias and other books that you cannot find on the internet.Make sure to take notes for further questions on your research subject.

Different subject matter is not always on the internet you have to find it in a book. I was talking to a college student who was having a problem finding a resource for her project and when I suggested the library. She got this puzzled look on her face. I said "ya its the place that has research books". A few days later she told me she found exactly what she needed at the library.

Remember the internet is great. But for complex technical problems you need the accuracy of what is printed in a book. Specialized research material with detailed and technical answers can only be found in a book. The internet might have the answerer but I would cross reference from a book for accuracy. The library catalogue with reference every book on a certain subject. If the library that you are at doesn't have the book many times they can get it for you.

The catalog will contain information such as CD's , audiocassettes, videotapes , and other media that can be located at the library. Internet research is a great tool but don't forget to check the information at your local library especially if its a important project or assignment.