Most people want to know if a license plate camera blocker is even legal. Many more want to find ways to protect themselves from speeding light and red light cameras.

Others, just want that peace of mind in knowing that their license plate won't be easily detected if a speeding light camera catches them. Let's be clear, most people don't buy license plate camera sprays to speed and run red lights, these buy them because often times the way in which these apparatuses are put up are unfair.

Sometimes, they don't properly work. Other times they come up out of no where with no clear warning signs posted (as most local laws now require).

 Are License Plate Camera Sprays Legal?

 Well, yes they are.

And they also appear to be effective too.

 In fact all state and other local jurisdictions prevent a license plate from being altered or obscured. License plate sprays still enable a plate to visibly seen in plain light and to the naked eye, it just prevents the camera from taking a clear picture and from your car in being properly identified.

Many local authorities have even tested the license plate camera blocker out and have found that the spray is actually effective. Some other law authorities have done their own testing and have found it to not be effective in beating a speeding or red light camera.

But the good news is that they aren't illegal. However, many local authorities are analyzing them and if they do start to become a problem, they may enact laws to prevent them, but for the time being they are OK to use.

 Most people are afraid to use the license plate spray because they seem wrong. Others argue that the way cameras are placed and where they are placed seem wrong. And non of them are 100% accurate and many people just pay the speed camera ticket because they assume that the camera is always right.

 The license plate spray gives people added assurance that they won't readily be caught IF a camera appears and they aren't privy to it. This kind of spray however as most people know, doesn't give anyone a free pass to speed or run red lights.

 How does the red light and speed camera spray work? Well, it puts a high reflection back on the red light or speed camera when a picture is taken when a person speeds or runs and light and is caught. The spray is invisible to the naked eye. One spray can will typically cover around 4 or 5 license plates.

 So How Do You Find the Best License Plate Camera Spray?

  • Make sure the spray only requires a one time application for the lifetime of the license plate. You shouldn't have to keep reapplying after a ran or snow.

  • Don't believe license plate spray companies who tell you this spray is 100% effective. The bottom line is that it is NOT. Some police companies have tested it and found that the plate could still be seen.

Do you have a license plate camera blocker? Spray?