Licensed To Ill By The Beastie Boys-Def Jams Most Successful Album

Def Jam Records has taken many of the music industry's best artists under their wings throughout the life of the company; however, The Beastie Boys has been one of the most profitable. Licensed To Ill has been Def Jam's most successful album by far, producing sales figures that even the most popular production labels dream of. Def Jam has produced a handful of albums that have contributed to its success; however, none of them have even come close enough to touch the contribution that The Beastie Boys' Licensed To Ill has! With artists like Notorious B.I.G, Lil' Kim, and Kanye West this may seem hard to believe; however, the numbers don't lie, and they say that Licensed To Ill has been the most successful. The release of this album has definitely impacted Def Jam Records significantly on many levels through its success.

Impact On Def Jam Records

Being its most successful album, License To Ill has definitely had a positive impact on Def Jam Records. It produced unheard of results like being certified platinum 9 times; a statement that Def Jams biggest artists will never come close to achieving. Aside from the actual success of the album, the simple fact that the Def Jam producers participated in these amazing songs impacted Def Jam Records on an even greater scale. When other artists and fans heard the songs that were included in the album, they were definitely curious as to who the producers of these songs were; furthermore, seeing the names Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons all over the album booklet sent thoughts through their heads of their skill and talent. It was clear that the owners of Def Jam Records, Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, had talent and an ear for music; however, prior to the release of License To Ill, there wasn't an extensive amount of proof. Once this album had been released, their talent was quickly recognized and exemplified through its viral success. This exemplification positively impacted Def Jam Records as a whole, as well as Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons.

Album Sales

With over 9 million sales recorded to date, Def Jam Records hit a gold mine with the release of License To Ill. By the time this album was released, Def Jam Records was already fairly known for their talent and amazing albums, so part of this album's sales can be attributed to their high status prior to the release. However, that high status only accounts for a small portion of the album sales; it was simple word of mouth that sold the rest. The first week that License To Ill was released, it turned over only a smnall amount of sales; however, the album sales skyrocketed from there on after! This shows that the anticipation of the album caused by Def Jam Records status generated the sales for ther first week buyers; however, all of the other album purchases from the second week and onwards can be attributed to the "talk" from the people who purchased the album during the first week. This album easily shows you that you will be successful with hard work, dedication, belief, and good quality production through its massive sales.

Hit Singles

5 of the 13 songs released on License To Ill became popular enough to be considered as hit singles. This 40 percent rate of songs turned into hit singles is such a rare commodity in the music industry, especially at the time of the album's release, that it had to be mentioned in this article. Albums usually carry two, maybe even three hit singles; however, for an album to have 5 hit singles with only 13 total songs is absolutely amazing. These hit singles were Hold It, Now Hit It, The New Style, Fight For Your Right, Paul Revere, and Brass Monkey. All of these hit singles on License To Ill went on to top the billboard charts and become successful individually as songs, as well as contribute to the overall success of the album.

Track Listing

1. Rhymin & Stealin


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

2. The New Style


Produced By: Beatie Boys & Rick Rubin

3. She's Crafty


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

4. Posse In Effect


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

5. Slow Ride


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

6. Girls


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

7. Fight For Your Right


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

8. No Sleep Till Brooklyn


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

9. Paul Revere


Produced By: Horovits, McDaniels, Rick Rubin, & Russell Simmons

10. Hold It Now, Hit It


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

11. Brass Monkey


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

12. Slow And Low


Produced By: McDaniels, Rick Rubin, & Russell Simmons

13. Time To Get Ill


Produced By: Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin

The Beastie Boys' License To Ill was by far Def Jam Records' most successful album that they had produced; with figures like 9 million copies sold, and being certified platinum 9 times are undoubtedly astonishing. And for 5 of the 13 songs being included on the album to go on to be hit singles is nothing short of amazing. License To Ill showcased Def Jam Records' skill and talent through its success, and affected the company as a whole, as well as each individual producer, in greatly positive ways. Pick yourself up a copy of Def jam's most successful album at a discounted price from