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LifeCell contains quality active ingredients that can make a huge difference in your skin.

Not risky like surgery or botox.
Works well on almost all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin.

Non greasy formula.

Easy to apply in the comfort of your home.

Generous 120 day return policy.

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Full Review

LifeCell is an anti wrinkle cream that is popular with celebrities like Paula Abdul, Deidre Hall and others. Like so many other wrinkle creams LifeCell proclaims itself to be the best. But is it? After examining all the ingredient and from the emails my skin care website has received from many women, I have to say it ranks as one of the top anti wrinkle creams on the market.

One of the nicest things about LifeCell is that it goes to work immediately. The instant you put it on your skin, the fine microscopic crystals refract the light so your skin looks smoother and more refined. Pores are minimized and the skin has a glow to it.

Then LifeCell goes to work to correct underlying issues of aging skin including sagging, crows feet, lines, discoloration, uneven texture and more.

LifeCell Skin contains a number of ingredients that work in synergy for skin beauty;

Argireline - This helps soften the face which diminishes the look of wrinkles.

Ascorbyl Palmitate - This is Vitamin C but is much more stable then the cheap variation L-Absorbic Acid which many wrinkle creams contain.

Deanol - This helps firm and tone the skin.

Idebenone - LifeCell has the powerhouse Idebenone, which has antioxidant properties.

There are many other ingredients that contribute to the anti wrinkle properties of LifeCell. You can learn about them at the LifeCell website.

One of the keys to success with LifeCell is to give it time to work and use it daily. If you take a scattered approach you will not have success. You need to apply LifeCell every day. Expect optimal results after a few months. The company offers a very generous return policy, along with the Free Trial of LifeCell, so it easy to try it out and return if you find it is not right for your.

In Closing

LifeCell is much safer and less expensive than many other methods to diminish wrinkles. Though Lifecell is expensive when you factor in the effective results of smooth skin beauty it is well worth it. The risk free trial makes it easy to try out and see if it is right for you!