The LifeSaver Bottle

The LifeSaver bottle is a fairly new product on the market, but has already changed the way most people filter their water. By being one of the simplest and safest water purification systems out there, the LifeSaver bottle has quickly gained ground in its market, and is becoming increasingly popular. Many studies have shown that the LifeSaver bottle purifies water better than any other product on the market, and is also one of the easiest and most flexible products to use.

But to many, this new product seems too good to be true, and has received some heavy critique. Can it really be as good as the company claims, or are the skeptics right on this one? This review of the LifeSaver bottle will thoroughly evaluate this heavily disputed product.

What Is It?

The Lifesaver bottle is a new product on the water purification market. It is a small, handheld bottle equipped with a powerful filtering system which removes all bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals and other pollutions in the water - and all with just a few pumps of the filter!

The Innovation

Unlike other water purification devices, the LifeSaver bottle manages to filter out all particles larger than 15 nanometers in size (which says a lot considering the fact that the smallest virus known to man is 17 nanometers in size). It's actually a good enough filtering system that it can turn contaminated water from places like the Amazon and Africa into pure and safe drinking water.

Uses Of The LifeSaver Bottle

The LifeSaver bottle comes in many forms and sizes. It can be used with ease for anything from camping trips to providing emergency water supplies in disaster areas. Even the military is using a variation of the LifeSaver bottle.

Water is heavy to carry, and in some conditions, when you need a lot of it, carrying all that water with you is out of the question. So whether you're going on a long canoe trip up the Amazon river, or just going abroad with your family, it's a good idea to bring a LifeSaver bottle, which is always ready to provide you and others with safe drinking water, no matter the source.

Buying The Bottle

I know what you're thinking - something this amazing has to be ridiculously expensive. And although the bottle is among the more expensive water filtration systems out there, it certainly isn't overpriced. For just £82.50, you could get this amazing product, which you can use anywhere you go in the world.

So for anyone planning on going on a longer camping trip, or just going to countries without safe drinking water, the LifeSaver bottle is a wise investment.