The following article aims to be at first a rather brief, objective and hard fact driven review of the LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill -- aiming to both highlight the positive factors and specifications it has to offer as well as the not so inspiring features and issues it brings to the table also (relative to its competition of the 'best treadmills available under $1000'). But, then this will be followed with a concluding verdict as to how 'good' (or 'bad') the TR1200i really is -- with a mix of general interesting points and feedback from customers who have been 'getting fit' on the treadmill full time. Which is useful -- as although I can try and paint you a pretty picture of specifications, facts, technical aspects etc. it won't ever really match up to the hard hitting full on real-life customer review of how it all intertwines together.

TR1200i: Running SpecificationsLifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill ReviewCredit: -- LifeSpan

The LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill possesses a belt size of 20 x 56 inches (providing you with more than enough room in which to run/sprint with a feeling of safety and security) which is powered by a 2.5 horse power 'drive motor' which can allow a user to achieve a speed range from 0.5 miles per hour to a top speed of approximately 11 miles per hour -- which in all, is relatively easily achieved by the treadmill and can hence operate without the need for excessive noise levels. Moreover, the motion of change within the speed and the level of incline (15 levels) are both responsive and gradual i.e one should not really expect to feel any sudden adjustments & jerks from the TR1200i.

TR1200i: Programming Console

Described as "the centerpiece of the TR1200i" is its LCD 'soft key' operating console from which you are offered '17 preset workout programs' -- from which you are then offered 20 segments for choosing the speed and incline -- designed by specialist 'exercise physiologists'. With the console also providing you with the standard treadmill 'readout' statistics and data -- time, approximated calories burned, distance, heart rate, present speed, pedometer and incline percentage level.

Moreover, you are also offered two pretty innovative heart working programs a 'My Zone Constant' -- aiming to keep your heart rate at a constant and sustained level and a 'My Zone Interval' -- controlling your heart rate within a range of a minimum heart rate level to that of a maximum heart rate level, both in which the treadmill automatically adjusts itself both in speed and incline to adjust the intensity of the workout to meet the heart rate program set (i.e either automatically lowering or raising speed or incline depending on the program and your current heart rate e.g. if you are trying out the My Zone Interval program and your heart rate goes above the maximum limit -- the treadmill will adjust its speed or incline level or both to lower your heart rate back into the range.).

It is however worth noting some users aren't all best pleased with the user interface that is provided by the TR1200i -- with one customer capturing the mood by describing it as a bit 'clumsy'.

TR1200i: Practicality & Safety & Additional Features

As described in the title name, the TR1200i has the unique ability of being able to 'fold-up' obviously earning itself a few brownie points over other treadmills in the domestic storage practicality (and space consumption) aspect -- unfolded it measures 33 x 54 x 70 inches, once folded -- 39 x 66 x 33 inches.

Moreover, it has been fitted out with a 'biomechnaically' correct suspension system which can allow the support of an individual up to the weight of 300 pounds along with added security for the user with attached 'specially' fabricated non-slip side rails to support ones self in case of fault. 

Reverting back to the console of the treadmill -- it also includes practical built-in features such as speakers, iPod and headphones imports (jacks) allowing you to listen to your favoured music whilst you are exercising.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that some users state that they experience a 'shaking' when they are running at high spped on a high incline level -- this however is under some dispute from others claiming they don't experience such an occurrence, and even so it is not to the extent that one can no longer run on it. Most do however tend to agree -- that it performs solidly at the zero percent incline level.

Bonus feature --  When you purchase the TR1200i, you also receive a free membership to 'LifeSpan Fitness Club' that allows you to track your health and fitness gains online from the activities you have performed on the treadmill.

The General Overall Opinion of the TR1200i

In fairness, the TR1200i is incredibly well received and highly regarded by many --  having not only won both the Treadmill Doctor "Best Buy" Award for Best New Treadmill as well as the Fitness Professor "Head of the Class" Best Treadmill under $1000 (so in all likeliness you at least know you aren't really going to be coming across a better treadmill than the TR1200i for under the $1k budget), but is also showered in glowing reviews and positive commentssuch as "hard to find a better treadmill" and "Excellent quality, very quiet, great features: Worth the investment".

The real 'plus' factor that the TR1200i treadmill has going for it (well currently as of 23/09/2012) is its price of under $1000 and as a result of that -- it offers incredible 'value' (where there are many cases where you can end up paying much more for a treadmill -- that can ultimately offer you a lot less)!

From general customer feedback -- a particularly interesting point is the customer popularity and fondness in response to the onboard 'pedometer' feature, which records the amount of steps that are taken (with every stride), as being rather "motivating rather than just staring at the time slowly shave away". As well as how beneficial the free LifeSpan Fitness program is, with one customer stating how she "love[d] the Lifespanfitness program and how it tracks all of my sessions" and carries on to refer back to the pedometer feature "and I also love that this treadmill counts steps".

The Simple Verdict: The TR1200i is probably the best treadmill you are going to get for under $1000 -- and at the very least, I urge you to check it out. In sum, a great 'value' treadmill.

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