This week is the 4Th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and this incident in my mind is as clear as day. This is something that you will never shake after having been through it.

Hurricane Katrina was a disruption that totally wiped out my normal life. Being a person in charge of different areas or departments at a job, you are required to stay in situations that other individuals are not required to stay in; Hurricanes included! This was me at the time.

Hurricane Katrina made land fall in the early morning hours on a Monday in late August 2005. I was required to report to work the Sunday morning before the Hurricane. Almost one hour after I reported to work everyone turned around and went home. By this time it was to late to leave the city.

Living in New Orleans, I have been through numerous other hurricanes and survived. Well by Sunday afternoon the hurricane had passed and we had made it through but something very unexpected happened. The levees broke and breached in various places through out the city.

In a matter of hours my family and I was trapped in our house with 20 feet of water around us. We had just moved into a home where we lived on a top level dwelling. If we had not moved, our home would have been completely under water. We were trapped in our
house for 5 days with no power, lights, gas, phone, water, or food. You don't know what you can endure until you are put in a negative situation.

I was not going to go into details but it happened and I may as well bring it to the light. The
worst part was that a dead man was stuck in debris right in front of our home and was there for four days. We had to place towels over our nose and mouths because the smell was so unbearable. It was like being stranded on a deserted island with no one to help you.

Quite often helicopters would pass over head but no one would help us. We saw people in uniforms in motor boats but they wouldn't stop and help us. Many victims died in their attics because the water got so deep and their homes were not as high as ours.
To flush our toilets, we had to throw buckets over the rail with rope tied to them and use this water to flush the toilet. At night we would try to sit on the front porch to get a
night breeze but the smell of dead people in the water made us sick. However, we didn't throw up because we didn't have anything in our stomach because of lack of

On the 5Th day I believe that God sent us a miracle. Three men showed up out of the
clear blue and said that they were going to get us out. One of the men took the
wallet out of the back pocket of the dead man to turn over to the authorities for identification. These men took us to the I-10 overpass where a army helicopter took us to the airport.

From there we were taken via jet to San Antonio to a shelter. Once there we were
transported to a new city to start over. That is where we live now. Even though we lost
everything that we had, I made a come back. I secured a management position in the
pharmacy industry to establish my financial base again. Also, I started my own communication corporation. You see, I was made to see that no mater what your
circumstances are that you can use Ultra Natural Power to rebuild yourself.