Panda Backside

Ah, life after panda. If you're an on-line writer then this algorithm update has in some way affected your earnings. The questions are many and the answers are few, "Which way do I go George?", comes to mind.

After spending the better part of four years writing on-line for income, I've found this change very hard to adapt to as I'm sure many others have. It's inbred in most writers to adapt as they have to with each topic they choose to write about.

The problem is, we used to be able to build back links, in an organic looking fashion and also truly organic links and count on them to produce results in the form of page views.

These page views, in large enough volume, would get some return in the form of advertising clicks and also for page views alone with some ads.

If you weren't getting clicks, more page views would increase the small amount you were getting, so just keep back linking and eventually you'd get hundreds of clicks and make a ton of money.

More articles, more money. Simple mathematics told us that if you write quality work, along with good keywords with low competition, you were likely to rank high in search results.

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What I Just Wrote has not Changed at All, From My Point of View

he new updates to Google's search results have spooked us all into thinking we need to change our approach. I disagree with this and think what's really needed is to keep doing exactly what we've been doing and do not by any means change any of what was getting you tons of views before.

The key is going to be adding leveraged social networking to our articles. I "bold" the word leveraged, because this I believe is the key to using social networking to promote your work. What good are tweets that only two or four people see? We each should be finding ways to accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers, on every single social network we belong to and if you don't belong to any, then you had better join some quick.

Google has once again relieved itself of figuring out what is good content and what is not. They are relying on the general public to tell them what they want. These networks are re-tweeting and Facebooking links to the content they like and Google is just a bean counter now. (Might be biting off the hand that's supposed to be feeding me but what the hey, they're leaving me kinda hungry anyway lately.)

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Blast it Out There from the Tallest Towers

Facebook is a very highly ranked website. Number two in the world I believe. Twitter is a must have and StumbleUpon can gain you quite a few followers quickly as well. These are obviously just a few of the sites we should all have accounts with. If not I suggest you all get one.

Now with just a few friends the leveraging doesn't really work well. You need about a thousand followers, now let me reword that, as many followers as you can possibly get. These people are to be found, by searching for interested parties at the social networking sites you join.

If you maintain the similar interest approach, search for people who are looking for what your writing, You'll build a list of friends who are eager to share what you send them. they in turn link to friends who have similar interest thus creating the lever that will lift your article to the stratosphere if you happen onto the right group.

Take the best content you can produce and send it to people who want it and you have a recipe for success that will stand on it's own merits without any black hat tactics. Once it starts working, keep doing it the multiples are endless and the possibilities of making a few bucks grow by leaps and bounds.