Medical Alert Devices Can Help Keep Your Loved One Safe

If you have an elderly loved one who lives alone, you may be considering some of the many medical alert devices that are now available for your peace of mind and your loved one's safety. Medical alert devices can help ensure that your loved one has the independence that they need while ensuring their safety. There are many different types of senior alert bracelets or elderly medical alert services that can help ensure constant contact between your loved one and the medical alert service. If the medic alert necklace or other medic alert device is activated by the wearer, a signal will be sent to the medical alert company immediately, who can then summon emergency services or other care as needed. Many medical alert devices, such as Life Alert are actually waterproof, so that your senior can wear the device in the shower or bathtub, where most of the elderly injuries tend to occur. Sometimes, having constant access to medical help when needed is worth its weight in gold.

These devices are often a great compromise when your loved one wants to remain in their home, but needs a bit of care just in case an injury occurs. Seniors appreciate being allowed to remain mobile and live on their own, yet still have access to emergency services or help, should it ever become necessary. The cost of this service is nominal, especially when you consider the multitude of things that can happen, that could leave your loved one helpless and unable to contact anyone for aid.

Medical alert companies may vary slightly, but the concept is still generally the same. The protected person will wear a device that can be activated, usually by pressing a button or flipping a small switch. When this happens, the device will send a signal to the base, which can be located anywhere in the house. The base will relay the signal to the medical alert company and the medical alert company can contact the person who pressed the button and find out if there is an emergency. They can summon for help or anything else that may be helpful, such as activating emergency medical services.

Something to consider before signing up with a medical alert device is how far away from the base station you are able to travel before losing signal. The base station has a limited range and will stop working when the device is a certain distance away from it. It is a good idea to consider the activity level of your senior before you decide which company will be most suitable. Some life alert systems may require you to sign a contract for a certain period of time, while others will allow you to pay monthly. A monthly option might be the best alternative for someone who is terminally ill or someone who may only need temporary coverage, such as while they are in physical rehabilitation, and in the process of rebuilding their strength.

Medical alert devices have come a long way with respect to their design and functionality. The older devices required the wearer to have to speak loudly or even yell in order to be heard. Now, the person who wears the device can speak in a normal voice, which will be transmitted to the medic alert company. Also, the device used to be large and heavy- even a bit bulky, which would often be the cause of the device not being worn on a regular basis. Now, these devices are tiny, no bigger than a small pendant and are unobtrusive enough to wear constantly. In addition, most medical alert devices have two-way communication between the company and the wearer. This provides an additional measure of security, peace of mind and ongoing communication. One of the nicest features of any medical alert device is the option to have an alert texted to someone's cell phone. This is great for friends or family members who can receive notification of a medical alert activation and can come over and check on the person right away.

A medical alert device, such as Life Alert can easily save someone's life. Sometimes, just having a form of reliable contact with emergency services can be enough to help ensure that someone is able to live on their own without assistance. Independence is very important to seniors; protecting your loved one and keeping them safe is important to you. A medical alert device can help you reach a healthy compromise while ensuring safety and independence.

Medical Alert Device

With a medical alert device, help is just a call away.