One Caveman's Thoughts

In my mind I imagine that what inspired and motivated our species shared first ancestors to take their first fearful steps outside of their safe and familiar immediate cave environment, was a keen sense of curiosity and wonder - What’s out there? To boldly step out into an unknown and uncertain, most possibly hostile, future. Even so, they took the first steps.

The beauty then, as now, was that our first heroic leaders came back and shared their experience, so that others could follow and take part in their own experience of ‘life beyond the cave’ also.

And just as the universe itself expands forever outwards, so we have progressed and grown....

Until now.

I am speaking personally of course... but if I could trace my ancestors back far enough, there is a better than fair chance that both you and me are closely family related to those first explorers.

So I know I have a responsibility to every generation that has ever walked this earth; that has ever loved, laughed, won and lost, and shared in the great adventure of life before me.

That responsibility is to keep walking ever onwards, to explore, to expand, to learn, to share my experience with the rest of my world ‘family’ -  To hold each others hands, to support and nourish and love and cherish.

But recently I have felt lost and confused. The information age has challenged every model of ‘how life should be’ I was ever taught, or inherited from my forbearer, or directly experienced myself.

How does one make this internet thingy WORK, dammit!!

My ‘model’ for existence has always been that one generation has learnt from the one that went before, the child from the adult, student from teacher.... 

Then lightning struck! Eureka!!

It was probably a child that stepped out from the cave first.... and was then chased by an irate and fearful parent.... who in turn discovered a bright new world awaiting them.

So, the young are now my teachers. Those who bravely and intuitively grasp the new, this internet ‘thingy’, our new paradigm.... and I am alive again... beyond my cave.