Toilet paper rollCredit: Morgue FileToilet Paper Roll to Speaker and Organizer

Have you ever wanted the music just a little bit louder on your iphone?  Simply cut out a slot for your iPhone in an empty toilet paper roll, big enough to sit and turn on the music on your iPhone.  The music will echo through the cardboard on both sides turning the empty roll into a speaker.  This will work in other phones that have speakers on the bottom as well.  Another way to use an empty toilet paper roll or even a paper towel roll is to roll up cords and put them in there.  If your house is anything like mine, you probably have dozens of cords laying around, getting tangled and entwined in one another.  Organizing them in paper towel rolls can save you a lot of hassle and it will look neat.


Pant Hangers For Many Uses

When Pant hangers break there are many uses for them as long as the clips still work.  Even if only one clip works it is still very useful.  If you have a full non broken pant hanger you can use it to hang up recipes on your cabinet so you can easily follow along to the recipe.  It can also be used for hanging up instructions as you try to put something together.  If you have a broken pant hanger, use one of the clips as a chip clip to keep your snacks fresh.


ketchupCredit: Morgue FileUse a Ketchup Bottle For Other Uses

After you are finished with your bottle of ketchup simple clean it out and let it dry.  You can use your empty ketchup bottle to put pancake mix in or scrambled eggs for the kids to help make breakfast.  They will have fun doing it and your kitchen won’t be as messy after breakfast.  This is a great way to get the kids involved.


Spaghetti Noodles to a Candle Lighter

Lighting a cake with dozens of candles can take some work, especially if you are lighting match after match trying to keep up.   In the meantime you have to worry about the wax dripping off the candles and into the delicious cake.  Light a spaghetti noodle as a long stick to light the candles.  You will be able to light the entire cake by using one spaghetti noodle.  This is simply genius.


StrawberryCredit: Morgue FileUse a Straw to Get Rid of Strawberry Stems

Strawberry stems can be annoying because you probably feel as though you are wasting half of the strawberry trying to get the stem off.  Either you bite around it or cut the stem of however a portion of the strawberry goes along with it.  You can easily get them off with a straw.  Simply start at the bottom and push the straw through the strawberry.  As it reaches the top, the straw will poke through the strawberry and your stem will pop off with it.  This is a great idea to do for kids before you serve them their strawberries.