Coal Harbour is actually part of the city of Vancouver, but this unique waterfront neighborhood is unlike any other. Coal Harbour is approximately one mile long and a 1/2 mile wide. This town acquired it's name from a Gold Rush in the late 1850s, when major coal seams were unexpectedly discovered there. This discovery marked the beginning of industrialization in this great city, which eventually led to development of the beautiful and luxuriously impressive residential area that Coal Harbour is today.

The city of Coal Harbour serves to connect the downtown area of Vancouver to Stanley Park. Residents living in this beautiful city enjoy over 20 kilometers of shoreline public access. With Vancouver's financial institutional headquarters in neighboring proximity, it is not challenging to understand why Coal Harbour has become one of the most desirable and sought after luxurious waterfront living locations in the world.

Coal Harbour

People living in Coal Harbour enjoy unlimited access to an eight acre waterfront park, playgrounds, many different running and bike trails, a community center, lots of shopping, and a variety of different ethnic restaurants to choose from. When visiting the city of Coal Harbour, you can expect to experience a magnificent and breathtaking view of the North Shore Mountains, Canada Place, Lyon's Gate Bridge, and Stanley Park. Coal Harbour is truly unique in that it provides so many options to residents in a relatively small, easily traveled, and absolutely beautiful waterfront arena.

Coal Harbour real estate is in high demand. Vancouver is described by expert financial analysts to be in a period of economic transition which is creating a rare financial opportunity for those interested in moving to Coal Harbour or other areas in Vancouver. This economic transition that Vancouver is experiencing has ultimately led to more homes going on the market for buyers to select from. This makes the decision to move to Vancouver an attractive option considering that real estate in this area is predicted to continue to rise in the future.

The luxurious city of Coal Harbour really offers a unique and rare package of beneftis to those who choose to make this area their home. Moving to Coal Harbour provides the home owner with peace of mind by having complete access to necessities for a higher standard of living and knowing that your real estate in Coal Harbour is predicted to climb. Considering the predicted real estate future trends, right now really could be the right time to make the move to Coal Harbour.

A single family home in Coal Harbour can be purchased for approximately $465,000. Financial analysts specializing in real estate located in Coal Harbour predict that the average home in this area will increase in value by about 1% every year, with the potential to go up at a much higher rate in subsequent years. Knowledge of these Coal Harbour real estate trends has attracted the interest of many investors from all over the world.

Vancouver real estate offers the interested home buyer many attractive options too. Experienced financial experts have classified Vancouver real estate as a very smart investment. The Vancouver real estate market has been described as being active and diversified. You can literally expect to find any style of home that you can possible imagine for sale in Vancouver. There are many well maintained older style mansions located in unique and beautiful landscape settings all over Vancouver. Downtown you can find a wide variety of modern lofts, one bedroom, and even studio apartments in beautiful and convenient locations.

The active real estate market in Vancouver may be compelling reason enough for some to make the commitment to move, but this city offers it's inhabitants so much more than that. Vancouver has been historically described by travelers as the friendliest city you will ever visit. People living there overwhelmingly agree that there is a strong sense of community and you can expect to feel right at home from your very first day living in the city of Vancouver.

Vancouver is well known for it's unique temperate climate. The weather is a major factor in attracting tourism and investors to this beautiful city. Largely due to the city's recent exponential growth, you can expect to find plenty of employment opportunities in Vancouver. This great city is also home to one of the best rated public and private educational systems in the world. You will be presented with a variety of options if you are interested in post secondary education. Some very well know universities claim an address in Vancouver including Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia.

With all of the unique and advantageous opportunities provided to an individual moving to Vancouver in general or Coal Harbour specifically, it is not hard to understand why this location has quickly become one of the most desirable and sought after living locations in the world.