I know I talk a lot about life insurance, and the truth is, I am a big believer. As an Insurance Producer, I hear a lot of reasons why folks think they don't need life insurance, and honestly, most of those reasons can't be backed up. The most important thing about life insurance is that if you buy it, then eventually, it WILL pay off.

Odds are good that you could live your whole life without a car accident, or a disaster at home, but you buy insurance to protect your car, to protect your home, and by all means to protect your hard earned wages. Why? Because, what if… you did get into a wreck, your house caught fire, someone keyed your car, there was a tornado? You buy insurance to protect against those what-ifs that could be devastating to you and your family.

But what would happen if you died? Hey I know it's an uneasy question. No one wants to think of their own life as having an expiration date. The truth is, a small percentage of people will suffer a car accident. A small percentage of people will lose their homes to fires or weather, but 100 percent of people will die.

It's just a fact, but don't be sad because at least there is a little good news: You can insure your life. Yes, it's true. You can buy an insurance policy on your life! That means that if something tragic were to happen to you, your family could be taken care of financially in your absence. Of course you don't have to buy any life insurance, and then your family would have the added burden of the expenses, but it's really up to you to decide what you want for your loved ones.

Have a good job? Does it come with group life insurance? If yes, that's great, take advantage of it. But don't rely on it. Find out what happens if you quit, or get fired, or retire. Most group plans stop working when you do, and that just doesn't cut it. Group life insurance should only be used as a supplement to your own personal life insurance. You want your family to be covered if something happens to you whether you are working or not.

Also, group coverage is never going to be tailored to you. The word 'group' means that the life insurance is just a standard rate based on your income. And while it is usually inexpensive, it is rarely enough. Most group policies are for about a year of wages. That means if you are making $30,000 a year and you die, your family will get that $30,000 in insurance money. Now subtract the good funeral that they will have for you and then they may only have half of that left. Not a very good replacement for your income.

The thing is, insurance can't replace you. You have been, and always will be one of a kind. And though insurance can't replace you, it can replace your income so that your family can continue their way of life as though you were still there to support them. Your children could have the money to go to college that they may not have had without your support. You can still provide for your family, even though you're not there physically.

It's not a hassle. Pick up the phone and call your insurance provider. Don't have one? Call a local COUNTRY Financial office. They typically offer free insurance and financial reviews, which can show you how much insurance you need, and what you should consider. Ultimately the choice is yours, hopefully you make the right one.