Would You Buy Insurance for Life Insurance?

I would have to say no.One of the reasons i wouldn't pay for eternal life insurance is it would be way to much money. And also most people wouldn't go for it it almost sounds to good to be true.but if it is true. i would be thinking really deeply in to it.but on the other hand,it wouldnt be a bad idea.

I would never get insurance for eternal life. Who's going to benefit from that? Not me. Its going to be one of my great great great grand children. Plus, if my life's supposed to me eternal, i wont ever die so i wont ever need insurance. yes i guess that it would benefit a living relative, but that's not my responsibility to provide for them. They can get a policy on me if they'd like.

A few things would determine this choice to be honest. First of all, if I ever decide that I don't want to be alive anymore will I be able to end my insurance? How does the payment plan work as well? What kind of procedure would I have to undergo to achieve eternal life? What kind of cost would this be? Is this even legal? Does everyone have availability to this? There are simply too many factors to consider before I could make such a decision.

One of the things that Insurance Agents have in common with Confidence Men is that they're both selling an imaginary product. Some folks would no doubt find it a comfort to think that they could buy their eternal salvation. If I recall correctly the Church used to sell special favors based just on that principal. That was just one of the things that led to the Reformation and the rise of the Protestant sects. Of course this whole area is based on an irrational belief, so I guess it makes no more or less sense than insuring someone's legs or some event. Life's a Gamble, eh?

I might buy this insurance after some serious thought. It might be nice to be here for the next few hundred years to see where mankind goes. I don't think anyone welcomes death. If you were assured a healthy mind and body I guess why not buy it? The bad part would be that if your friends and family didn't buy it you would run out of people you know.

Would You Invest in an Earthquake Insurance?

I am 54 years old and I have never experienced an earthquake until yesterday when we felt the quake that came from Virginia. Hopefully it will be 50 plus more years before we have the next one. I think it would be a big waste of money because it probably wouldn't cover anything. It's very expensive to live in Maryland and I don't want an extra bill. I only want to deal with the "probable" extra expenses. I hope I don't eat my words but I think I'll just take my chances and do without.

I live in NC and we just had an earthquake. It was the first one I ever felt. I learned in school that there is a fault in NC, so another earthquake is possible. I don't worry about earthquakes here, though. The likelihood is so small that I would have earthquake damage here that I would not get eartquake insurance. However, if I lived in California, I would definitely get earthquake insurance. Eventually, California is going to get a really big earthquake, and I would want to be prepared for that.

I would get an Earthquake Insurance. If I had been asked this question last year at this time, I probably would have said no. However, over the past few months, the area that I live in, which is usually not prone to natural disasters has been hit by a tornado and more recently, an earthquake. The damage was quite severe and although my town did not suffer, many of the surrounding towns did. I think getting the insurance would be a good plan because you never know what sort of disaster is going to strike.

I just felt my first earthquake mere days ago, a slight trembling under my feet. I figured the drier must be slamming about on an uneven load but when I checked it wasn't running. By the time I sat back down the lamp had stopped shaking and the wires stopped swaying. That is an example of a Maine earthquake. I don't think insuring my home against earthquakes would be a healthy investement for my money, but if I had the money lying around, I would certainly consider it

I live in a particularly volatile area with many earthquakes. And we have been told time and time again that a big one is coming. Its not a matter of if, but when. For this reason alone, i would buy earthquake insurance. To protect my financial future and provide for my family. It is the responsible thing to do

What Do You Think About Wedding and Engagement Ring Insurance?

If you have paid a lot of money for your wedding rings then I would suggest insurance. you never know what could happen. You could take your rings off the wash you face and then your ring could fall down the drain. Wedding and engagement rings are not cheap these day and they should all be insured.

I think wedding and engagement ring insurance is a smart choice. Many jewelers offer warranties should the ring be defective or should the stone fall out of the setting. However, insurance would protect against the ring becoming lost, being stolen, and the like. These things are usually not covered under the initial jeweler's warranty. However, this choice may be different depending on the value of the ring and couple's desire and ability to have the ring insured.

I tend to lose stuff. I think i would purchase insurance on my ring just in case. Its just such a expensive item, and the cost to replace could be in the thousands. So i think i would protect myself from my butterfingers and buy insurance for my ring. Plus, it cant hurt to have a little extra protection when its come to a wedding

I think engagement and Wedding ring insurance is a good idea. Accidents happen every day and the insurance would help with the cost of the lost or damaged rings. The insurance would need to be affordable because a lot of people can not afford to pay a lot extra especially with how the economy is now. I would buy insurance at a reasonable rate because my rings mean a lot to me and I would feel better knowing I had the extra protection. I have bought insurance before on a different ring but only because it was a lifetime warrenty for a low rate of $40.