As per the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Canada is the fifteenth most popular place globally for plastic surgery with 108,758 surgeries carried out in this country per year. This means that a considerable number of Canadians themselves went through, or know somebody who undertook, cosmetic operation.

You may have predicted that the US are the country on the top of this ladder. The States are followed by Brazil, but China and India have been slowly but surely catching up. The number five most surgery-happy country is Mexico. The developing countries increasingly offer attractive quality for an agreeable price.

Seeing the popularity of invasive cosmetic procedures in Canada, LSM Insurance attempted to put together a survey of how these operations may impact one’s insurability. Is no medical life insurance the lone possible way for such insurees? The brokers from our office inquired at five prominent insurers about this specifir issue. Because all traditional life insurance applications must be underwritten entirely, none of the contacted companies would really give us a perfect resolution. This is because insurers like their applicants to avoid being in a volatile state at the time of application. They basically want to insure you "as you are".


Even those insurers who did talk declared that prospective clients who are going for breast augmentation, lip enhancement, or Botulinum toxin (Botox) treatment may still be eligible for regular policy rates. However, these procedures are dealt with just like other surgeries; the life insurer may postpone making a decision until after the actual procedure has been concluded. Applicants should therefore—when possible—wait with surgery plans while discussing their policy with the life insurer.

Procedures that are related to other mental or nervous illnesses might pose heightened risk and this could potentially cause the applicant to receive an extra coverage premium or have her or him excluded completely.

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