Life jackets for dogs are a great way to protect your dog from getting tired and into trouble in the pool, at the cottage, or simply running in and out of the waves at the beach.

These well designed doggy jackets are comfortable and are not heavy at all.  If your dog is used to wearing a sweater or coat, then he or she will have no problems wearing a dog life jacket.

You can get them to fit all sizes of dogs.  Even big dogs can get into trouble and tired if they go too far out into the water, or if they fall off of your boat, if you like to take your dog on your boat with you.  You have to wear life jackets, why not your dogs?

Just like humans, they love the water, but can tire easily, especially if they are older, and by wearing a dog life jacket that is designed for their weight and size, they don’t have to work so hard in the water, and you can see where they are, as these are brightly coloured.

The smaller ones also have a handle on top, so that you can quickly grab your dog from the water without struggle.

Life Jackets for Dogs

Paws Aboard Small Designer Doggy Life Jacket, Nautical print

If your dog loves to have a stick or a Frisbee thrown to him in the water and bounce through the waves, they can still do that with these ultra light jackets, they dry quickly and there is no need to take them off.  Just leave these life jackets for dogs, on them while they play by the waterside, dock or beach, or hanging out on the boat deck.

Having the life jacket on your dog, gives you some peace of mind too.  Knowing that they will have some buoyancy and will float if they get tired, making it a bit easier to retrieve them.

So, if you like to take your dog to the cottage, and hang out by the dock, then you should consider getting a dog life jacket, as you never know when he will suddenly see something in the water and take a running jump off that dock.  It will be much easier for him to swim back to the dock with this jacket on.

If you are planning on taking your dog to the cottage, beach or lake, then pack their life jacket in your swim kit just as you would the rest of your family.  They deserve the protection on the water as well.

Dogs can be unpredictable.  Even a well trained dog can have a lapse in judgement when they see a fish flip out of the water, and if you take your dog out in the boat with you, he could end up in the water.

This is an affordable piece of safety equipment for your pet.  Depending on the size of your dog, you can get these for under 25 dollars at such sites as Amazon.

You can also check at your local pet supply store or your sporting goods stores may carry life jackets for dogs and other safety equipment.

As we include our pets in more and more of our leisure activities, we should also ensure their safety and enjoy the day.