Life line palm reading begins by finding your life line.  If you look at the palm of your hand (with your hand fully stretched out) you will find it starting between your thumb and index finger and running down towards your wrist. 

Make sure you have good lighting and really look at it.  There are various meanings for the shape and length of this line.  The closer it gets to your wrist without being broken the better, but here is a quick list of the meanings behind it!

Palm Reading Hand ChartCredit:

Palm Reading Hand Chart

Long and unbroken – means good health and long life

Short – it used to be felt this meant a shorter life, but if you look closer most are not short, they are usually just broken or have forks, so take a closer look before you consider yours a short one.

Faint – Means low energy

Deep – smooth life (many people prefer deep lines!)

Broken – means lots of struggles along the way and/or losses in your life.

Forked – This can mean a few things, usually it means diversions or changes in your life, but it can also mean split energies or not sure what direction you are taking in life.  You may be thinking about making changes to your life, job, travel or something different.

A tassel – If it is good until near the end and then it breaks into a few little lines, then this can mean that the energy is weak, and this could mean ill health and maybe it is time to get that checkup you have been putting off or get rid of that stress in your life.  Take this one very seriously it could be a warning that you need to take better care of yourself.

Small dots – If upon examination of your life line, you see a series of dots or very short lines crossing your line then this means you are having things getting in your way, or obstacles in your life that are preventing you from growing, and you need to look at what is going on or how you can get rid of these obstacles.

It is possible to have two different types of lines on both your hands, in this case follow the shape of the line on your most dominant hand, such as your right if you are right handed or your left if you are left handed.

Many breaks in the life line can indicate changes, so many people will decide their future based on the life line palm reading they get. 

There are obviously many lines on your palm, but the life line has always intrigued people.

One of the next palm reading lines is the “Fate” Line.

This one runs basically up and down (vertically) in the center of the palm.  You may find that you only have one and if it is on your dominant hand then you will see your fate.

Deep – means an inheritance

Faint – failures and upsets

Jagged – means struggles in life

This is also called “destiny” and many people like to have that read too.

Life line palm reading is an ancient art and many people follow the readings faithfully, but it can also be fun to chart yours.  You can go and get your palms read, or you can get yourself a palm reading hand chart and read your own.   Find out where life is leading you.

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